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16 November 2007

Copyright and fair use


"The Stanford Center for Internet and Society's 'Fair Use Project' (the FUP) was founded in 2006 to provide legal support to a range of projects designed to clarify, and extend, the boundaries of 'fair use' in order to enhance creative freedom." The FUP also runs a Documentary Film Program that specifically deals with fair use issues on non-fiction projects offering advice to US filmmakers. (The Documentary Film Program has offered legal support on films such as Manda Bala which is featured on this DFA blog. )

The FUP put together this amusing short film - made of clips culled from Disney animations no less - to illustrate and explain what copyright is and how the “fair use” principle works under USA law. In a nutshell, in America, “fair use” allows for an infringement of copyright if the material is intended for purposes of criticism, news, reporting, teaching and parody. Keep an eye out for the FBI warning at the front of the film.

When the DFA meets with Sean Flynn on Wednesday 21st November we hope to gain more information on “fair use” and whether this American legal model applies to South African law.

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