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02 January 2008

films to watch black


The ultimate in extreme ethno-tourism, FIRST CONTACT examines the shock of the new when adventurous and high-paying tourists are offered the chance to make "first contact" with some of the world's last remaining uncontacted tribes. First contact with the outside world usually spells disaster for genuine uncontacted tribes. Presented by Mark Anstice, author of a book also called First Contact, this film looks at the complex issues surrounding the ethics of first contact and meets the people involved. Mark Anstice wrote about his experiences on this “ethno adventure” in an article for the The Guardian

The documentary FIRST CONTACT appears in 6 parts on YouTube. Here is the first:

Part 2 of 6:

Part 3 of 6:

Part 4 of 6:

Part 5 of 6:

Part 6 of 6:


In 2004, Morgan Spurlock’s documentary ‘Super Size Me’ examined the effects of dining on McDonald’s 3 times a day for 30 days. Now, Doug Benson's anticipated documentary SUPER HIGH ME is the story of what happens when Benson smokes marijuana for 30 days and then goes clean for a further 30. Here is the teaser:


This short 5 minute documentary made in 1983 is an amusing exploration into the lives of a group of punks squatting in Islington, London. (Note the ironic ‘anthropological’ tone of the Australian narrator.)

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