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03 March 2008




Pitching du Réel is a co-production and financing meeting for feature length documentaries. Organisers are Visions du Réel, Doc Outlook-International Market, and EDN, together with Danish, Finnish and Swiss broadcasters and film institutes, who have joined forces to create this third edition of Pitching du Réel in order to put a special focus on feature length documentaries. Deadline for submitting your project is on March 15th, 2008.

By selecting creative feature length documentary proposals, the aim is to enable funding for some of the most interesting new projects by established filmmakers as well as secure their quality through discussions between filmmakers, producers, commissioning editors, film consultants and distributors fighting for this genre.

Each of the selected projects will have half an hour for presentation and discussion, leaving time for in depth conversations about the style, narrative and content of each project.

Present to take part in the discussion and give feedback on the projects will be a panel of broadcasters, film institutes and distributors focusing specifically on feature length documentaries.

How to Participate:
In order to submit a project for Pitching du Réel, please fill in the registration form. Here you can download the Pitching du Reel registration form.

We prefer receiving submissions with visual material. Either in form of a 3-4 minute DVD-promo/trailer or a copy of your previous work.

You registration form should be send by email to:
Cecilia Lidin:

Visual material should be posted to:
Att: Cecilia Lidin
Vognmagergade 10, 1st floor
1120 Copenhagen K

The participation fee is 300 Euro for each project.

If you want to participate in Pitching du Réel as an observer please contact Carine Bernasconi at: The price for participating as an observer is 50 Euro/70 Euro with networking dinner.
EDN Contact
Cecilia Lidin
Phone + 45 3313 1122

Please visit the Visions du Reel website for further info:
Please email the DFA if you would like an application form:




Al Jazeera Children's Channel (JCC) has established a Documentary Production Unit (DPU) to produce original and exclusive films for the channel. DPU has contacted EDN to make an international call of projects for the channel. The deadline for submitting treatments is June 30th 2008.

“JCC is interested to open a new horizon for western and other cultures in order to have a trust-worthy professional source for production ideas,” says the head of the unit Fayçal Hassairi. JCC is interested in potential co-productions and full commissions.

Al Jazeera Children's Channel is a Pan-Arabic edutainment channel based in Doha, Qatar. It opens up avenues for Arab children to learn about different environments and cultures, as well as enhances children's sense of belonging to their countries and their Arab-Islamic culture with all its diversity. JCC addresses all the families and places a special attention to audiences between the ages of 6 to 14 years.

JCC_s Documentary Production Unit was established on August 2007. During the last 6 months DPU has started 24 productions with Arab and Western production companies of various documentary films worldwide, including exclusive production of 7 feature length productions.

Upon receiving this call for proposals exchanged the following Q&A with Fayçal Hassairi.

Q:Why does JCC want to direct its interest to western kids, family life and environment? 

A: We believe that in the Arab world some life experiences have not been sufficiently exposed. Either they are still a taboo or they do not exist. Obviously we have to deal with these subjects with a vigil eye.

Q: Are you interested in projects where children are not the main characters? 

A: We do understand that the world of adults is interesting for children as long as it's presented in a way tailored for children/families.

Q: How does one submit the proposals to JCC? 

A: We deal directly with producers/production companies. The treatment should include the concept, an advanced visual treatment of the subject, an artistic vision, CV of the director and the filmography of the production company.

Q: What is the required length? 

A: We produce documentaries of 6 minutes, 13 minutes and 26 minutes for broadcast on JCC. However for film festivals and distribution we accept treatments for 52 minutes.

Q: Do you need documentary series? 

A: The main task for which DPU was created is to fill the need of documentary series of 4 to 12 episodes. The series should follow a unified theme.

Q: You broadcast in Arabic and you don't use subtitles. What about the Arabic dubbed TX Master? 

A: A dialogue list with time codes should be included from the original language to English or French. It will be translated to Arabic by JCC. The details of the dubbing and voice over will be discussed case by case in the contract phase between JCC and the second part.

Q: Where can the producers send the proposals? 

A: You can email your proposals to:

The postal address is:
A l Jazeera Children's Channel
Fayçal Hassairi,
Documentary Unit Manager,
Programs & Production Division,
Education City, P.O. Box 23190,

Tel. +974 48 24 333
To visit the Al Jazeera Children’s Channel website, click here.



The Hungarian company IKO Media has launched the light factual channel DoQ, which will show both regional and international documentaries.

DoQ will be an alternative to the Discovery channel, said Mr. Radu Morar, who is representing the channel in Romania. The programming focus will be on biographies, travel documentaries, factual entertainment programmes, etc. 

Programmes will primarily be dubbed with a voice-over in Hungarian, but the films will be subtitled in the languages of all the countries where DoQ will be seen. This is currently Poland, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Bosnia, Serbia, Hungary and Romania.

IKO Media is also the broadcaster behind other niche-channels like the channel for children Minimax, Sport Klub, Cool TV and Film Plus.

IKO Mediagroup Hungary


IKO Romania S.R.L.
Str. Gh. Marinescu nr. 53, ap. 2, sector 5, 

Tel+4021 410 43 41 
or +4021 411 40 67


National Geographic Channel Asia has started Nat Geo Junior, a 2 x one-hour block on National Geographic Channel for young viewers.

Through its educational documentary programmes Nat Geo Junior is created to inspire young viewers to explore modern world beyond the classroom. From the little known facts of how things work to the every day science and the secrets of the wild, Nat Geo Junior documentary programmes are informative and offers fresh insight into our world.

Nat Geo Junior will air every weekday for one-hour from 10.00 am to 11.00 am and from 5.00 pm to 6.00 pm (HKG/SGP/MAL) on the Hong Kong and ASEAN regional satellite feed. 

With the launch of Nat Geo Junior in Asia, young viewers in the key markets of Hong
Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines and other ASEAN countries will join viewers in India, Turkey and the Netherlands where the programming block is already available. In Asia, Nat Geo Junior is expected to reach over 6 million households for viewers aged 7 _ 16 years old.

Visit the Nat Geo Asia website here.

The Gucci Tribeca Documentary Fund offers finishing funds to feature length documentaries promoting social change and highlighting critical issues absent from mainstream media. 2008 applications must be postmarked by April 11th 2008

The Gucci Tribeca Documentary Fund is seeking feature-length documentaries that are in production or post-production with the intended premiere exhibition in 2009. Eligible films include those examining or document people who are ignored, ostracized or otherwise marginalized; people fighting for social or political change; or broad social movements. 

The fund is looking for films, which challenge the status quo not just as pertains to subject matter but also in form. Films should be able to sustain a festival and/or theatrical run and should resonate with a mainstream U.S. audience. Favor will be given to films with a dynamic and creative approach to the use of source material.

 Some of the criteria for applying are:
- Foreign language documentaries are eligible, but must be subtitled and suitable for an American audience

- Submissions must be non-fiction motion pictures with an intended length of at least 70 minutes and should creatively document subjects and issues that promote social change

- Submissions must be in the production or post-production stages and must not have aired on any form of television, been screened publicly or have been distributed in theatres or via the internet.

The Gucci Tribecca Documentary Fund will offer grants ranging from $5,000 - $30,000 in 2008 totaling $80,000. Fund recipients will be announced by August 1, 2008.

Submissions must be postmarked by April 11, 2008. There is an entre fee on $40 USD per submission. 

Please feel to contact The Gucci Tribecca Documentary Fund 
if you have any questions regarding the entry process:

+1 212 941 3926

You can also check out the website here



Beeld Voor Beeld is a documentary film festival dealing with culture and representation. Rooted in visual anthropology, the festival screens documentaries on various subcultures in a format combining screenings, discussions and seminars on different themes. You can submit your film until March 14thth 2008

Beeld Voor Beeld offers a meeting place for filmmakers and audiences from different cultural backgrounds. Entry submission is open to every production that either deals with subjects of anthropology, sociology and social issues or fits in with the overall theme. A special program of student films will be part of the festival. The section on student films is open to all educational programs on visual anthropology or documentary filmmaking fitting in with the overall format of the festival.

Apart from general film screenings, Beeld Voor Beeld will have as one of its themes: 
The Fringes of Europe: Romania and Turkey
The admission to the European Union of Romania on the 1st of January 2007 and the possible admission of Turkey have sparked off the discussion about the identity of Europe and the supposed threat these two countries on the fringes of Europe pose to this imagined identity. Striking in the discussion is the scarce knowledge and the pre-conceived ideas about these societies that exist in the rest of Europe. Beeld voor Beeld wants to counterbalance this lack of knowledge by showing films that give an inside view of these societies. 

Beeld Voor Beeld will have all the filmmakers present for the festival screenings, and much attention is paid to the discussions between them and the audience. The festival takes place on:
- June 4-8 2008, Tropentheater, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
- June 5-8 2008, Center for World Cultures Zuiderpershuis, Antwerp, The Netherlands

For more information and entry forms please refer to:

Tel. + 31 20 568 8520

The above news alerts appear courtesy of the European Documentary Network (EDN):

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