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28 May 2008


Many of us have been shocked into action by the acts of xenophobia, racism and violence that have rocked the country in the last few weeks. Some have responded to material needs of displaced people and many filmmakers have tried to use the medium of film to express solidarity, outrage and to raise awareness around this issue.

The DFA would like to support efforts by filmmakers to respond to this crisis. For this reason we would like to support FAR (Filmmakers Against Racism) by pledging at least R1000 to this initiative from the DFA account. Furthermore we would like to start a fund within the DFA to raise money to contribute towards this initiative.

If any filmmakers would like to contribute to FAR, but cannot make a pledge of R1000, as requested by FAR, you can contribute to the DFA fund for Films against Racism, these funds will then collectively be committed towards the FAR project.

Any filmmakers wishing to make a contribution, however small, can deposit funds into the DFA bank account, with the reference "No2Racism". At the end of June, all funds collected will be donated to FAR. Let's all harness our energies towards building a positive future!

The DFA bank details for the No2Racism contribution are as follows:

Account Name: Documentary Filmmakers’ Association
Bank: Standard Bank
Account Number: 401036057
Branch: Melville
Branch Code: 6105

Thank you.

With best regards,
Tula Dlamini
Miki Redelinghuys
Co-Chairs, the DFA


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Displaced on Africa Day

FILMMAKERS AGAINST RACISM (FAR) – an initiative launched on 23rd May in response to the shocking wave of xenophobic violence hitting South Africa – will be producing six x 24 minute documentaries, as well as 8 x 30 second Public Service Announcements, which will be broadcast by SABC, and hopefully and MNET as well as community TV stations.

Filmmakers Against Racism is supported by the South African Screen Federation and the Independent Producers Organization and brings together a collective of reputable film production houses and individual talent, in collaboration with independent producers and directors.

FAR'S collective vision is to promote racial unity not division as we tackle the growing social and economic concerns we face as a nation. Targeting the most vulnerable people in society displaces the blame for growing social and economic problems on to the very people who have sought refuge from violence and poverty in their countries of origin. There is no excuse for the violent attacks on people and long-term, sustainable solutions to inequality, founded on the principles of unity and tolerance, need to be emphasized.

Thus, FAR will seek to make a series of PSAs and documentaries that are underpinned by the view that we are all African and these will be a call for compassion and solidarity with all Africans seeking refuge and a better life in SA.

The films will seek to remind us that we fought a long hard battle to overcome the brutal forces of racism in South Africa – we cannot let racism defeat us again.


As the events and stories are unfolding, FAR has not yet locked off the narratives of form for all six films, however underway at this stage FAR will be making the following films:

1) The Cleveland/Jeppestown temp refugee camp – the story of 3 men (Uhuru Films)
2) The story of 3 women (Born Free Media & Xoliswa Sithole)
3) The burning man "Ernesto Nhamuave" (Bomb & Catherine Muller)
4) The Alex Story (Luna Films)

There will be a film in Cape Province and possibly in Kwa-Zulu Natal.

The following companies have come on board offering support with equipment and post production:

Magus Visual – cameras and equipment
The Refinery – post production
Curious Pictures – equipment and post production
The Bomb Shelter – equipment and post production
Born Free Media – equipment and post production
DV8 – equipment
Uhuru – equipment
T.O.M Pictures – equipment
Nayanaya Productions - equip and co-ordination
Women of the Sun (WoS) - co-ordination and administration
Atlas Studios - studio locations and equipment
Steps/Day Zero Films - equipment and post-production






On May 22nd 2008, some 400 Mozambicans boarded buses that would take them to Park Station where they would catch trains to return home. Their stories presented disturbing accounts of persecution and fear. Some were literally leaving South Africa with the shirts on their backs. What emerged were promises to return to this country for lack of work prospects elsewhere, while others spoke of a desire to avenge what had happened. These pictures were taken at the refugee camp in Primrose, east of Johannesburg.