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17 February 2009

6th Annual International film festival TUR OSTRAVA 2009

It will be held from the 20th until the 24th of April 2009 in the City of Ostrava House of Culture. The festival involves short films and documentaries aimed at all branches of industrial, agricultural, economic and civic pursuits of people and their connection with living environments and long-term sustainable development (Trvale Udriteln Rozvoj). 

Film productions will be separated under the following themes:

Lifestyles and Health;  Media and the Environment; A Green Planet;

 People and Society. 

For participation we are appealing to Czech and international filmmakers regardless of whether you are an association, organization or individual. If you have a film which falls within the given themes your participation will be heartily welcomed! 

During the 2009 TUR festival films will be presented without regard to their number  filmmakers are able to enter more films if they wish! 

More information about the preparations for the festival can be found at, where you can also find an application form, which is necessary to submit your documentary into the festival program. 

We are looking forward to your hearing of your interest in presenting at TUR Ostrava 2009. Please send submitted films to our address:

Fabex Media s.r.o. 

Kosmova 651/16 

702 00 Ostrava  Privoz 


The closing date for submissions is Sunday 1st March 2009. 

The films will be screened competitively. A five member panel comprised of experts in the field, from the Czech Republic and abroad, will honour the best films within a number of categories. The award ceremony will be held on Friday 24th April 2009, with the media, political representatives and partners of the festival also in attendance. The exact time and place of the award ceremony will be specified to the prizewinning filmmakers closer to the date. 

Conditions for submitting your film into the festival: 

1)      Application form: can be found at the festival website

2)      The film/documentary fulfills the following parameters: 

      contents corresponds at least one of the festivals given themes;  footage is approximately 10  60 minutes in length;  year of production is between 2003  2009;   if possible in MPEG2 PAL 720x576 (4:3/16:9) format, file type:

video.mpg/video.m2p, or if need be on DVD in PAL format;  minimum of 00:10" BLACK running time before the start of the film, and 00:10" after the end of the film;  one copy will suffice. 

3)      In addition: 

      If you have photographs illustrating your production (in electronic fortmat .jpg), please send them along as well. Photographs will be used to present your film on the festivals internet website, and in media informing the public about the festival and film screenings. 

      If you don't complete an annotation about your film (short introduction, subject, themes) in the internet application form, please send it in an envelope with the film. Again, this annotation will be used on the festival website and in the media. 

      In case of your films victory, please ascribe a note (for example on the application form) whether you will be able to come to Ostrava to accept your award in person, or if need be entrust someone who can represent you at the award ceremony on 24th April 2009, and in doing so can assume your honourable function. 

      On the package containing the requested materials please legibly include the keyword: TUR 2009. 

For further questions please send an e-mail to

An introduction to the Festival 

International film festival TUR Ostrava follows the traditions of another similar festival about our living environment Ekofilms, which moved from Ostrava a number of years ago. Our festival TUR (Trvale Udriteln Rozvoj) which means long-term sustainable development, would like to continue in its footprints. The themes surrounding environmental problems have been further enriched to include other aspects such as human relations and economic phenomena, and their impact on our lives.

In it's almost six year existence, the TUR festival has become a firm component of the spring cultural program in Ostrava. It is held annually in the City of Ostrava House of Culture, but its ongoing growth has seen it expand to other locations. Last year film screenings also took place in settings such as Ostrava's Mining Museum in Landek. For the sixth installment we have established many new partnerships including the Johann Palisa Observatory and Planetarium, Bnsk Technical University Ostrava (VB  TU Ostrava) and the Silesia-Ostrava Castle. For the first time, the festival will also be able to screen in a number of surrounding cities. 

Awaiting festival attendees is a selection of films and documentaries about the environment and its protection, with works not just from Czech but also international filmmakers. Viewers can thus compare how ecological problems are dealt with in other corners of the world. In addition to the four days of film screenings, as always there will be prepared an accompanying program for viewers. It will be include discussions with experienced experts from various fields, workshops and cultural performances. 

TUR Ostrava 2009 is arranged by Fabex Media in association with the statutory City of Ostrava, the Moravia-Silesia Region, and the Agency for Nature Conservation and Landscape Protection of the Czech Republic. Entry to all festival events if entirely free of charge. 

About Ostrava 

There is no a better place in Europe to submit your films and documentaries, that deal with all topics on sustainable development, than Ostrava in the Czech Republic.After Prague and Brno, Ostrava is the third largest city in the Czech Republic, and well known for three different reasons, all of them connected with environmental affairs:       For decades, Ostrava was called the "Steel Heart of the Republic" because the coal and steel industry was concentrated in the city; but less respect was paid to environmental protection.       Due to the contamination of air, water, and soil resources, Ostrava and its surroundings became a part of the heavily polluted "Black Triangle Region" located near the Czech, German and Polish borders.  For several years, Ostrava has been successfully attempting to reestablish sound environments and economic prosperity for all citizens in the region.

Marcela Herkov  Festival Director, tel.: + 420 777 868 278

Michaela Bartoov  Festival Producer, tel.: + 420 777 890 275



Kosmova 651/16

702 00 Ostrava - Prvoz

tel:+420 777 890 275   or +420 777 666 647




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