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09 March 2009

SABC Financial Crisis Meeting

The unfolding financial crisis at the SABC is very worrying for everyone in our industry. 

We cannot sit back and watch this crisis playout around us  - local content and in particular the public broadcaster is vital to our sustainability. 

The SABC is as much our institution as it is the SABC board, management and staffs. We need to proactively engage at this moment or in all likelihood we will find the independent sector carrying the brunt of this crisis, which many are already starting to feel.

We are at great risk - late/delayed payments, cancellation of pending productions, reduction of already tight budgets, etc etc - all of these matters affect our livelihood and we must caucus to ensure we have a mature and unified approach. We cannot let the SABC turnaround strategy evolve with being consulted, understanding in advance the ramifications and contributing to the solutions in a way which minimizes the damage to our sector.

This is also a moment when we can positively contribute to a turn around strategy which  ensures our involvement and assists with our and the SABC's sustainability.

Please join us for an urgent producers meeting at ATLAS studios on Thursday 12th March at 17h00.

You need to participate - this affects all producers.

The IPO broadcast committee

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