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26 August 2009

Researcher Position Available

Research call 30 July 2009


Fireworx Media


Fireworx Media and the Sonke Gender Justice Network are making a film around condom use in Africa, to be filmed in South Africa, Kenya and Sierra Leone.

The main aim of the film is to inspire men to think more consciously about condom use, be enabled to recognize the challenges men face re condom use, recognize the need and stakes behind condoms, and to feel more confident about their own use and about talking more openly with other men about the importance of condoms.

While this is a film with a clear advocacy angle, the intention is also to explore the broader political dynamics of HIV/AIDS and masculinity in Africa, and to at least partly use elements of creative documentary (following characters or situations over time, strong stylistic orientation, visual storytelling, and so on) in its form.

We will be able to pay a professional salary over a period of six to eight weeks for a candidate that meets the following criteria:

- Very good command of spoken and written English (working knowledge of Swahili and South African languages - including Afrikaans - will be useful)

- Good interpersonal skills, empathy

- An understanding of creative documentary film (as opposed to journalism/educational film); experience in educational film may also be useful

- An understanding of how narrative operates in documentary film; an ability to translate the basic communicative requirements of the project into options for meaningful and filmically powerful character stories or situations and to identify and locate these

- Own transport and cell phone in South Africa; regular and easy access to email

- Ideally based in Cape Town, but could be Johannesburg

- Ability to comfortably elicit “male talk” (to entertain and explore potentially problematic points of view amongst research contacts)

- Ability to bring academic research into a filmmaking context

- Ability to judge “televisual” appropriateness of characters, situations and locations

- Ability to collate and integrate further research done by other partners on the project

- Professionalism, meticulousness

- Flexibility and willingness to travel to other countries and to work in potentially uncomfortable physical environments

- To start - beginning/middle September

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