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20 August 2009

Sichuan TV Festival

ENCOUNTERS DOCUMENTARY FILM FESTIVAL and the DFA met with the representatives of the SICHUAN TV FESTIVAL in Cape Town to discuss how South African documentary films can become more visible at this prominent Asian Festival. The team from the SICHUAN TV FESTIVAL 2009 have expressed a great interest in accessing South African content made by South African filmmakers. It is their hope to grow and broaden the relationship between Chinese and South African documentary filmmakers as well as developing innovative storytelling techniques through documentary film.

The SICHUAN TV FESTIVAL (SCTVF) has been held successfully for nine sessions since 1991. The International "Gold Panda" Awards for Documentary is core to the Sichuan TV Festival. The competition features three categories:Anthropology, Society and Nature and Environment. Through the competition, the festival aims to bring together contemporary documentaries and filmmakers to advance and create a platform for Chinese and international filmmakers to communicate and cooperate. The competition aims to explore the diversity and development of culture and also has a strong interest in man and his environment.

The Festival has extended the deadline for DFA members and other South African filmmakers to 10 September 2009 to facilitate a strong African/ South African participation in the Festival.

More information about the 2009 Sichuan TV festival can be found on

International “Gold Panda” Awards for Documentary
2009 (10th) Sichuan TV Festival
November 6th - 8th,2009
Chengdu · Sichuan· China
Entry Deadline: 10 September 200

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