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22 September 2009

SOS : SABC names new board

The names of the new SABC Board are announced as:
David Niddrie(journalist) -nominated by SACP, opposition parties opposed this appointment
Barbara Masekela(former board member), opposition parties opposed this appointment
Clifford Motsepe(lawyer), ANC youth league rep, opposition parties opposed this appointment
Anthony Mello(Engineer), all voted in favour
Cedric Gina(Unionist), all voted in favour
Ben Ngubane(medical doctor), opposition parties opposed
Peter John Harris(law advisor), all voted in favour
Suzanne Vos(politician), all voted in favour
Pippa Green(journalist), all voted in favour
Felleng Sekha(IT law), all voted in favour
Clare Frances O’Neil(Consultant), all voted in favour
Desmond Golding(economist), opposition parties opposed
The IFP voted with the ANC. Rest of opposition said they’re disappointed that ANC would not negotiate, and stuck to their alliance party candidates. COPE, ID, and DA put on record, their objection to those they were against.

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