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25 October 2009

DFA Library Book List

DFA has several books, directories and journals in its library now. Some of the more interesting ones are:

1. A copy of the European Documentary Network's directory titled: "The EDN Financing Guide". It provides documentary professionals with information needed to navigate in the evolving landscape of documentary production, where new approaches to funding and distribution become increasingly important.

Sections in The EDN Financing Guide includes:

- Distributors: info on leading international documentary distributors and sales agents covering cinema, broadcasting, non-commercial, educational and DVD

- VoD: info on Video on Demand (VoD) platforms selling documentaries

- Funds: information on funds and public support aimed at international documentary development, production and distribution

- International Broadcasters: information on major non-European broadcasters buying and co-producing documentaries including contact info on relevant commissioning editors and buyers.

- European Broadcasters: detailed profiles of +100 European broadcasters acquiring documentaries; this includes contact details on relevant commissioning editors and buyers.

2. Several issues of "DOX"(#77-#81). DOX is an international English language film magazine dedicated entirely to cover all aspects of the documentary genre. With DOX you will get an insight into the work of documentary filmmakers, reports on distribution and production possibilities, reflexions on new formalistic and aesthetic developments, reviews of significant new films and a platform for discussion.

3. "Meeting their Mandates". - A Critical Analysis of South African Media Statutory Bodies, includes the findings of research conducted in 2006/7 into the performance of ICASA, the SABC, the MDDA and the USAASA.

These books can be checked or read at Underdog Productions via Marc Schwinges the current treasurer. See the column on the right for contact details

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