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27 November 2009

DFA Board Meeting Agendas

As part of an ongoing effort to keep our members up to date and in touch with what the DFA is doing it was decided at the previous board meeting in October to publish the agenda of every meeting so that our members can see what issues we are tackling and what our current activities are. You are welcome to email your comments or questions on any of the agenda items to and they will be included in the next board meetings review of the previous meetings minutes.

Here is a copy of November's agenda:

Tuesday 24 November 2009


Date: Tuesday 24th November 2009

Time: 14h00 – 17h00

Meeting will be linked via SKYPE


Cape Town – Plexus Films - 6 Vine Street, Gardens

Theresa Meyer: Co Secretary

Dylan Vally: Youth Portfolio

Additional Invited Members Cape Town:

Johannesburg – Underdog Boardroom, 92 3rd Ave, Melville

Marc Schwinges: Treasurer

Pascal Schmitz: Co-Secretary

Additional Invited Members Johannesburg:


Not present


Ingrid Gavshon: Co-Chair

Llewelyn Roderick: Deputy Chair - Cape Town

Matome Senyolo: Deputy Chair

Lauren Groenewald – Co-Chair


Ayanda Mncwabo: Regional Portfolio

Khalid Shamis: DFA & IPO liaison

Minute Taker CT –

Theresa Meyer

Linking Via Skype at will start exactly at 14h10. Please ensure you have already shared with


Timekeeper allocated.

  1. Welcome & Apologies - LG & MS – 2 min
  2. Review of previous board minutes / action points / updates / member comments or questions
    • DTI Rebate & DTI BBEEE Meeting in Cape Town
    • Ethiopian Film Festival
    • DocloveCapeTown & JHB
    • Membership Benefits Update
    • Non-Payment letter for members owed monies by SABC
    • Calendar of festivals and budget for DTI to sponsor trips
    • Research on SABC Local Content
    • DFA Facebook Group
    • DAC Ministers Meeting
    • Save our SABC/ Open Society Foundation Roundtable
    • SOS - Name change / NGO re-structure
    • South American filmmakers partnership
    • Department of Labour meeting with SASFED / IPO
    • Member Research
    • DFA Members Database status / Directory Lock Off
    • IPO status TPA migration push
    • TVIEC update
    • Regional Profile Update
    • Training & Educational Link & Profile
  3. NFVF market sponsorship subcommittee feedback
  4. DFA applying for funds from both the NFVF and Lottery
  5. DFA hosting a funding and distribution seminar
  6. NFVF Value charter
  7. DFA/WOS IP event on 11&12 December
  8. Feedback from Mrac Scwinges on Gauteng Film Friendly event
  9. Feedback from Marc Schwinges on presidential meeting with creative industry
  10. Feedback from Pascal Schmitz on WoS distribution and funding seminar
  11. Other business

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