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17 July 2009

Please sign the SOS petition!

We need your URGENT assistance!

The “Save our SABC” Campaign believes it is critical that the general public feels ownership of the SABC. It is our SABC. One of the most important ways for us to feel this ownership and for the general public to get actively involved is to put forward names for the Board.

We note that the invitation for nominations has been released and the deadline has been set for the end of this month - 31 July 2009. Further we note that small notices have been placed in the supplementary sections of the Mail&Guardian, Star, Sunday Times and Rapport newspapers.

The Coalition is concerned for two reasons. Firstly, we believe that the nomination period is extremely tight and secondly we believe that the dissemination process as regards notifying the public about the nomination process is wholly insufficient.

PLEASE sign the petition here in order to assist SOS in campaigning to (amongst other items) extend the nomination process to the end of August 2009.

SOS: Nominations for the new permanent SABC Board - details of the process

Dear all

We need to start getting CVs together from suitable candidates for the new permanent SABC Board. I have sent you through all the official criteria but now we need to focus our minds on the following. We need people who cover the following sets of skills:
  • Corporate governance and finance
  • Technology
  • Journalism and media
  • Industry knowledge (but people who don't have a conflict of interest through direct involvement in broadcasting)
Further to that we need to make sure that the following is also considered:
  • Demographics - race, gender, good regional spread, age (we need tried and tested experience and new blood)
To ensure that the SABC has editorial independence and can report without fear or favour we need to consider the following disqualifications:
  • Political party office bearers
  • Senior government officials
  • Members of Parliament
  • People who have direct involvement in the broadcasting industry
Organisations need to then start drawing up lists of suitable candidates. They need to approach these candidates to see if they are prepared to stand. If they are prepared to stand then the following needs to be done:
  • The nominee needs to send you their CV with a letter accepting the nomination.
  • You then need to send the CV and the acceptance letter to Parliament. You need to make sure that your organisation's details are also included.
  • You need to send this all to Noluthando Skaka at
  • You can call Noluthando on (021) 403-3751 for further information.
Lets get the nomination process going NOW!!!

Kind regards,
Kate Skinner

14 July 2009

SABC Staff strike against the "Damagement"

This morning the SABC staff finally took to the streets in a protected strike against the SABC "Damagement," demanding a 12.2% salary increase as per their standard agreements with the SABC.

Members of MWASA, CWU, BEMAWU and supporters such as those from SASFED, the TVIEC, S.O.S, COSATU and the South African Communist Party all gathered behind the Sentech Tower this morning, despite the icy wind in Johannesburg to rally in support of the SABC staff. Addressing the assembled crowd - SOS and the TVIEC pledged their support for the SABC staff and their determination to see real reform within the SABC management.

The protestors marched slowly down the street and gathered outside Radio Park, singing protest songs and waving banners reading "We demand our 12,2%."

Protestors demanded that the SABC management address them face to face and receive a memorandum of demands, which acting groep CEO, Gab Mampone, (after repeatedly being assured that his safety would not be compromised) accepted on behalf of the SABC. Workers at the SABC made it clear that the current economic recession was not to be blamed for the crisis at the SABC but rather corrupt and ineffecient management. A union representative said "We are, ourselves, paying to get to work everyday - but they still have their (company) petrol cards!" The unions refuse to consider anything less than a 12,2% salary increase across the board as there is no sign of change within management.

Union representatives repeatedly cautioned the SABC management that further action would follow if their demands were not met. The memorandum stipulated that the SABC had two days to formally respond to the unions' demands, else the matter would be elevated.

Gab Mampone, though seemingly rather reluctant to speak, assured the crowd that the memorandum of demands would be addressed.