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16 October 2009

2009 Leap International Developmental Film Festival

Invitation to the 2009 LEAP INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENTAL FILM FESTIVAL has been extended to all Documenters courtesy of the Department of Art and Culture.

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Johannesburg, 16 Oct 2009

Actor and hunger protester Sello Maake kaNcube has entered his 11th day of fasting as part of the Hunger Protest.

Yesterday he stated in a series of tweets on Twitter:

"I'm all jacked up to fight for the levelling of the cultural playing fields in my country; as I'm losing my weight, it feels I'm shedding off the many many times of procrastination to take on the battle to fight for what i strongly believe in. And at long last I'm feeling very strong in my stance, in my conviction, that the corruption that is happening in the country is very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very COUNTER-REVOLUTIONARY.”

So far Michael Lee and Zamambo Tshabalala have each gone 30 days without food, one after the next, and Sello followed, stating he would also go until 30. This week, Maake kaNcube was quoted in the Times as saying he will go beyond 30 days if need be.

Lee admits, "To be honest that statement worries me. But keep in mind, no matter what Sello says, it's written in our founding statement right up front - 'This protest is not designed to injure its participants. It is designed to demand an end to a situation of injustice and inhumanity, in a tradition similar to that going back in many cultures for more than 2000 years."

"When I went past 21 days," Lee continued, "the TVIEC and SASFED felt it necessary to issue a statement disagreeing with my decision. Behind the scenes, we agreed I had to stop at 30 and hand over. I'm sure Sello will hand over when the time comes."

Lee noted for the record that the Hunger Protest is NOT a TVIEC initiative as the Times article stated. It is rather a private but aligned campaign in support of the TVIEC's aims.

"I'm feeling fired-up,” Sello added. “I feel like I'm finally awake, more every day. The clarity is what is amazing. I can either be angry about the past, or deal with what's going on now to make the future. My choice.”

kaNcube has announced that he will be taking the protest international when he travels to the Phillipines for a theatre festival on October 21 – projected to be his 16th day without food. He will be there for a week, returning on his 23rd day of fasting.


SABC Press statement regarding Suspension of Executives

The following press statement was released to all SABC staff today at 08h38:

SABC Media Statement

Board Suspends Four Executives

Johannesburg, 15 October 2009 -The SABC Interim Board has today suspended four members of the executive management, pending the outcome of internal disciplinary processes arising from investigations conducted by the Auditor General and other parties.

The four members who have been suspended are the Chief Financial Officer, Mr Robin Nicholson, the Group Executive: Content Enterprises, Mr Mvuzo Mbebe, the Head of Audience Services, Mr Anton Heunisand the Head of Group Procurement, Mr Mabela Satekge.

The Interim Board would like to stress that the suspension of the four senior executives does not in any way imply that any conclusions have been reached on whether or not there has been any wrong doing by any of the executives or other staff members. The Chairperson of the Interim Board Irene Charnley stated that the Interim Board is committed to ensuring that due process in relation to the disciplinary processes is followed.

“It is important that the integrity of the process is upheld and that the matters are handled fairly in order to protect both the Corporation’s interests and those of the individuals involved,” said the Chairperson Irene Charnley. “The process will therefore be adjudicated by independent and external parties.”

It must be noted that this is an internal matter, and the SABC does not wish to comment further on this at this stage in due deference to all parties concerned and to ensure that the reputations of all role players are preserved. The members who have been suspended are still members of the SABC staff and as such any queries on this matter should be directed to the SABC. At the appropriate time, the SABC will make further announcements in this regard.

Kaizer Kganyago
SABC Spokesperson
082 306 8888

16 October - Press Release - TVIEC to meet with ICASA

The TVIEC will be meeting with the South African communications regulator ICASA on Monday 19 October at 11am. The TVIEC has requested the meeting to discuss a range of issues, but particularly to gain clarity from ICASA on the monitoring of local content on SABC.

The crisis at SABC has resulted in an unprecedented commissioning freeze. With a mass of repeats on air and precious few new shows in the pipeline, the TVIEC is questioning how the broadcaster hopes to meet its local content mandates – and what ICASA is doing to monitor the situation.

Charl: 082-6813680

This press release is written on behalf of the TVIEC (Television Industry Emergency Coalition) which consists of: IPO (Independent Producers Organization), SASFED (South African Screen Federation), TPA (The Producers Alliance), DFA (Documentary Filmmakers Association), WGSA (Writers Guild of South Africa) as well as the CWU (Creative Workers Union).

13 October 2009

Call for submissions Africa film for IFFR 2010

Please read this message from the organisers of the IFFR Rotterdam International Film Festival:


We are happy to announce an unusual "festival within the festival" devoted to African cinema at the next IFFR Rotterdam International Film Festival 2010 which will occur from January 27 to February 7, 2010.

For this unique event we are actively seeking submissions from throughout the African continent in order to present a strong representation for as many African countries as possible. The festival will have a strong concentration in seldom seen African classics as well as contemporary films from all over the continent. There will be concentrations of short films by country as well as animations and documentaries. The festival will also feature new media installations and video art as well as performances that engage cinema, i.e. African musicians and storytellers performing with silent films and other manifestations of performing with projections with VJs and dancers...

The State Theatre (Schouwburg) of Rotterdam will be transformed into a lively African market for several consecutive days with multiple venues springing up throughout the multi-tiered space to accommodate a range of alternate activites and environments.

We would like to urge you to submit your new film for inclusion or inform those who should also be aware for what promises to be a unique forum for African films.

Please send submissions a.s.a.p to:

African Marketplace
International Film Festival Rotterdam
P. O. Box 21696
3001 AR Rotterdam
The Netherlands

Be sure to clearly indicate "African Marketplace" when addressing the mail.

Alice Smits and Lee Ellickson