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24 May 2010

DocLove 02 - American Foulbrood by Carlos Francisco

Preview screening at the Bioscope at Life on Main (one block up from Arts on main) corner of Fox and Maritzburg Street in the CBD Johannesburg. The director will be there for a Q&A after the film and as always with DocLove Joburg, the film still has one more edit and final mix to go, so input at the DocLove screening will be considered for the final version of the film.

Here is a synopsis of the film:

At a time when globally bee populations are dramatically collapsing, African bees show no signs of being affected, they are flourishing.

Early 2009 witnesses the unexpected and sudden outbreak of ‘American Foulbrood’ this, the world’s worst bee disease and historically prevalent in all countries, has finally arrived in South Africa.

Filmed over a period of a year we follow some charismatic South African beekeepers as they come to terms with and react to this, the worst of all bee diseases. The wild South African bees have handled every disease thrown at them before, how will they do this time with the worst bee disease known. The viewer is taken on several personal journeys into learning the secrets behind the African bee which until now has been unaffected by the rest of the worlds problems.

The film brings forward the dilemmas people are faced with when livestock fall prey to diseases. Is it time for man's attitude to control everything to be reconsidered? The story brings about a comparison between the practice of keeping wild bees in South Africa as to the mass breeding and artificial insemination techniques of America and Europe.

The film and its characters raise the question, is it not perhaps time to turn to nature for the answers? Will all the world's disease finally put the African bee in the same situation as the rest of the world or can she pull through one more time.

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