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22 June 2010


In November last year documentary filmmaker Miki Redelinghuys met with the Cascoland team in Amsterdam, who shared their ideas for a project in Mafikeng, the dusty capital of the North West province of South Africa. Inspired by the project, Cascoland In Mafikeng 2010, she went to Mafikeng in February 2010 to research a potential documentary about this.

In the process she met with Willie Reetsang from the Mmabana Cultural and proposed to combine the film-making process with a skills transfer to some of the Arts students from the Mmabana centre. Willie embraced the proposal with enthusiasm and his team selected a group of 12 students to attend a 3-day intensive documentary film-making workshop, which took place 5-7 June in the Mmabana Centre of Mafikeng. The workshop was presented by Plexus Films Producer/Director team Miki Redelinghuys and Lauren Groenewald, along with Filmmaker, Maciej Kwiecinski, and UCT Film Honours student, TinaShe Makwande.

The aim of the workshop was to demystify the art of documentary filmmaking, making the basic technology of filmmaking accessible to new filmmakers. Students were encouraged to broaden the way they think about documentary and some of them emerged inspired to try their hand at film-making.

The participants, who were mainly fourth year drama students, were tutored in the basic skills of conceptualising a story, filming, directing and editing documentary film. During the three days the students produced four short group films. They were responsible for shooting and directing the films and worked with the editor team to construct and edit the short narratives.

The outcome objective of the workshop was loosely built around the concept of the MY TOWN project launched by the Documentary Filmmakers Association in 2009. At the end of the workshop, the students pitched their ideas about a film that dealt with MY TOWN -MAFIKENG to the tutors.

The selected projects will be mentored by Maciej, Miki and TinaShe during the Cascoland project. The aim is to have three short films that reveal an insiders interpretation of MAFIKENG.

The students will have specific roles during the project from camera, director through to the script for the edit.

A student producer, Bontle Mafethe, was selected out of the group to oversee the project and focus on communications between the students and the mentors Tshenolo Nhlapo was selected from the group to work as trainee camera assistant and sound person with the camera crew.

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