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18 August 2010

Johannesburg, Untangled and Unhinged

The documentary made by two of our members director Adrian Loveland and Producer Pascal Schmitz titled Unhinged Surviving Jo'burg will be showing at the Encounters festival in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Johannesburg resident, Adrian Loveland, decided three years ago he would create a film drawn from the frustrations and energy of his hometown to create Unhinged.

With rapid narrative, dry humour, curious insights and trivial factoids, Loveland, the slightly eccentric “tour guide”, takes the viewer on a trip through the city, engaging with an interesting mix of Joburgers along the way, including Robbie Brozin (CEO of Nandos), Ferial Haffajee (Editor of the City Press), Justice Malala (Political Analyst) and Victor Kgomoeswana (MoneyBiz Founder).

Unhinged deals with Johannesburg's reputation as one of the most dangerous cities in the world on one hand, and its magic as a melting pot of entrepreneurs and opportunity on the other.

True to its name, the film gives the audience some tips for survival in the city, as well as glancing at the light-hearted parts of Loveland's story, like driving around the city saying yes to every person who tried to sell him something, then the next week trying to make the money back.

Loveland comments, “The film does not try to avoid the problems or dish up all the answers. My aim was to provide a representation that enables viewers to get closer to the truth of what Johannesburg really is. I wanted to show both sides of Johannesburg, and hopefully leave the audience feeling positive and excited by the obvious energy and potential of the city, while acknowledging that we have lots of work ahead of us.”

In the words of Robbie Brozin, one of the most charismatic of the interviewees in the film, “You feel like, you're here, so let's fix this place. You can't fix Paris, you can't fix London, you can't fix Sydney, but you can fix Jo'burg.”

Unhinged: Surviving Jo'burg was written and directed by Adrian Loveland and Produced by Pascal Schmitz.

Check out the trailer here

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