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03 September 2010

"Have You Heard from Johannesburg" series - Press Release

Have You Heard from Johannesburg - A major new documentary series on the global anti-apartheid movement on SABC 2 from Sunday 5th September until 17th October 2010, 21.00

A Clarity Films Production released by Steps International, by Academy Award® nominee Connie Field about the largest global citizens’ movement ever to take place, and that took on South Africa’s apartheid regime.

This is an untold story of one of the most fascinating events of the last century, a story full of violence, heroism and struggles, with real heroes and real villains. It’s a story that travels all over the world, from countries across Africa to Australia, from Sweden to the USA. It’s a story of change. Of movements that shake up governments across the world, that force big companies to their knees, and change the minds of millions of people.

It’s a story of how the people of the world – very often against the opinions of their governments – helped destroy apartheid in South Africa.

The series is made up of seven episodes:

SABC 2 Sunday, 5th September at 21h00

Road to Resistance

As the U.N. adopts the Declaration of Human Rights, South Africa heads in the opposite direction and implements apartheid. A mass movement is born, then crushed, and Nelson Mandela is jailed for life

SABC 2 Sunday, 12th September at 21h00

Hell of a Job

The future of the movement is on the shoulders of Oliver Tambo, who escapes into exile and begins a 30-year journey to engage the world in the struggle to bring democracy to South Africa.

SABC 2 Sunday, 19th September at 21h00

New Generation

Youth in South Africa and around the world are next to join the growing movement against apartheid, and the brutal suppression of a youth uprising in Soweto galvanizes public support for sanctions against South Africa.

SABC 2 Sunday, 26th September at 21h00

Fair Play

Athletes and activists around the world hit white South Africa where it hurts: on the playing field. The sports boycott pushes apartheid South Africa out of international sporting competitions, isolating it in an area of passionate importance.

SABC 2 Sunday, 3rd October at 21h00

Selma to Soweto

The anti-apartheid struggle in the US eventually leads to an unprecedented defeat of Reagan by both houses of Congress. The US imposes sanctions, followed by Europe, as African Americans for the first time in history change the direction of US foreign policy.

SABC 2 Sunday, 10th October at 21h00

Bottom Line

International grassroots campaigns against Polaroid, Shell, Barclay’s, General Motors and others doing business in South Africa economically isolate the apartheid regime and become the first successful effort to use economic pressure to help bring down a government.

SABC 2 Sunday, 17th October at 21h00

Free At Last

An uprising in South Africa becomes the final blow in the cumulative world effort to topple apartheid. Nelson Mandela becomes a household name as the campaign to free him ignites a worldwide crusade.

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