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18 November 2010


The typical cost of a movie relative to the average American monthly family budget is approximately 1%. Fairly insignificant. In Mexico, however, that cost is approximately 20% of a family’s monthly budget. Extremely significant and understandably prohibitive. It is no surprise then that simply going to the movies is a luxury to the average Mexican family. This is especially true for families in poor urban areas and rural towns in Mexico.
Enter social entrepreneur Ariel Zylbersztejn.

Zylbersztejn is the founder of Cinepop, a company which organizes free, large scale movie screenings in rural Mexico. Each screening is open to the public and all are encouraged to come and enjoy the magic of movies. In doing so, Cinepop has turned the traditional movie making business model on its head. Instead of prohibitively priced, limited seating movie theatres afforded only to the middle class or wealthy, Cinepop screenings are large enough to easily accommodate thousands and are free so thousands can come.

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