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04 November 2010

DocLove in Cape Town

DocLove Nights brings you A special screening of a Capetonian classic, OVERSPRAY.

This film was completed nearly ten years ago and is an important cultural snapshot of graffiti and street culture in South Africa. It features a number of artists who are household names today. A must see for anyone interested in street art, grafitti, and "getting up!"

Filmmaker Ebrahim Hajee will be in attendance; and will be showing a preview of an upcoming documentary project.

Graffiti artists, Claude and Eeb, record the struggle for dominance between some of the most established graffiti crews in Cape Town. Local legends Falko, Sky 1 and Wealz 130 prepare for the showdown. They are active "writers" - veterans of the scene who make a living through their art. Then there are the more anarchic young writers, off the streets, making names for themselves with illegal "bombing." The film culminates in the "battle": a huge hip-hop event that draws young people from all walks of life. The signs of territorial battles are on every street corner, if only you knew how to read them ... this energetic film will be your interpreter and guide.

WHERE: Obz Cafe
WHEN: Monday 8th November at 19h30
FEE: R00.00

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