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21 November 2010

Filmtopia's Sunday Morning Movie Blog

Amazon has not started Amazon studios as a means for independent filmmakers to distribute their films. This is an extract of Filmtopia's take on the venture:

I did actually have a fun list of things I wanted to write about this week.

I wanted to write about using short stories to develop multi-protagonist plots and also how they can be used to flesh out sub-plots (but I've given you enough clues in that sentence, for you to work it out for yourself). I also wanted to write about the ways in which Amazon missed a real opportunity to change independent movie making for the better, with their launch of Amazon Studios. How, by grossly misunderstanding social networking and taking a punitive approach to optioning, they are probably going to fail. (No experienced film-maker or screenwriter is ever going to give Amazon a free eighteen month option on their project). What a shame.

Instead of these interesting avenues of discussion, this week I need to talk about a more important subject.

It's a fairly simple idea, that our community seems somehow to have forgotten...

Until the results come in, it's impossible to tell the difference between foolishness, optimism and wisdom.

Read the rest here.

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