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09 December 2010

DFA Jumble Sale

The Jumble Sale is an initiative by DFA member, Carlos Francisco, that we hope you will all be happy to be a part of. Anyone may purchase films via the Jumble Sale, but only DFA members are allowed to sell their films through the Jumble Sale. See below:

The DFA presents our members with the opportunity to exchange their Documentary work between one another. We have initiated the DFA Jumble Sale, a platform to sell and buy each other's documentaries in bulk and at a very reasonable price. It hopes to encourage an experience of professional self distribution, stimulate the buying of local independent films and it will also allow us to apply what we learn from this toward our DFA online documentary store in the future.

A website has been developed to showcase a collection of the best DFA members have to offer. The opportunity is open to all DFA members. Members who have works over 45 minutes and feel confident in their product being viable for DVD distribution.

Requirements for submitting are:

Declared ownership of your film and the right to sell it publicly.

At least 10 x copies of each eligible film. Professionally packaged i.e. DVD box, sleeve and printed DVD.

The completed submission form

Jpeg of the DVD front cover graphic.

The contact details and further information is available to DFA members only.


Tchota said...

This is a Request - Can anybody please put me through to Mr Ben Holowitz who shot a political documentary film in Mauritius Island, OR help me get a copy of the said documentary film ?

DFA said...

Hallo Tchota! If you post your email address, I can send out a request to members, who can then contact you directly with details.