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01 December 2010

Lowering the DTI Rebate Threshold for Documentaries

Below is an excerpt from The Callsheet article:
In 2008 the Department of Trade and Industry (the dti) introduced The South African Film and Television Production Incentive in an attempt to make the Large Budget Film and Television Production Rebate more accessible to local producers. To qualify for a 35% rebate of their total production budgets from the DTI, locally owned productions would have to weigh in with a minimum budget of R2.5 million instead of R25 million. This was the first time the rebate was made available to documentary producers.
The new incentives were heralded as a landmark for the local film industry by members of the industry task team that consulted with the dti. The task team recommended a lower threshold of R1.5 million because they were concerned that the minimum budget of R2.5 million would exclude documentary filmmakers and smaller production companies.

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