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18 January 2011

iPhone 4 as Film Camera

Park Chan-wook tested the bounds of new technology by using an iPhone 4 to film 'Paranmanjang'. The smart phone brought many changes to the set, including some surprises. By John M. Glionna

Park Chan-wook likes the way blood looks through the camera lens of his iPhone – that rich texture and shock-effect red.

But Park's no techno-savvy killer. He's an award-winning South Korean filmmaker whose graphic horror-and-humor style has been likened to Quentin Tarantino's. His latest project is remarkable not for its gore but for its camerawork that could prove a populist breakthrough in the highfalutin art of filmmaking.

Park's 30-minute fantasy film, "Paranmanjang" ("Ups and Downs"), which will have its theatrical premiere in Seoul on Jan. 27, was shot entirely with the latest version of Apple Inc.'s iconic smart phone, the iPhone 4.

For years, new technology such as digital cameras and off-the-shelf editing software has been turning filmmaking into a cheaper and easier venture. But few high-profile commercial directors have embraced mass-market hardware, gravitating instead toward bells and whistles like 3-D and other costly special effects.

But Park rolled the everyman's dice. And he liked what he saw.

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