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23 February 2011

Best Director for Documentary at SAFTAs

DFA member Rina Jooste won the Best Director for Documentary SAFTA 2011 Award for her film JAMMER AS EK SO BITTER IS.

Exploring the silent violence of peer pressure and its manifestations in South African schools, focusing on four teenage girls in white suburbia and how it impacts on their lives. The girls speak of the bullying, intimidation and harassment that has come to define their high school years. The need for teenagers to belong to a group often leads them to seek acceptance in dark places. The girls speak frankly about: sex, ‘initiation rituals’, self mutilation, drugs, binge drinking, the free availability of cell phone and Internet porn, videoed gang rape sequences viewed on cell phones in class, all of which are considered normal to their peers. The pain of being different has created feelings of powerlessness in these girls. All of them have had suicide fantasies with some having actually attempted to take their own lives. This documentary is a window into a world where positive role modelling is absent in a violent society where teens can access whatever they want with few consequences.

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