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28 February 2011

Cutaway Post Interviews Filmmakers

DFA member, Johan Walters runs a blog that publishes Johan's interviews with South African film editors. Here is an extract from his recent interview with Nikki Comninos, editor of SAFTA nominee for best editing of My Beautiful Game:

My Beautiful Game is a 13 part documentary series that explores African football within its broader historical, cultural and anthropological narratives. The show covers stories across the entire African continent. There is a kaleidoscope of geography, politics, and national characteristics as one traverses the continent from Cairo to Lagos to Cape Town.

The specific, SAFTA nominated episode, Fish Out of Water, is an exploration of the challenges facing African footballers lured over to Europe by lucrative contracts. It looks at the issues of acclimatizing to a foreign environment, the loneliness and the alienation.

Directed by Marc Rowlston and produced by Jason Hoff.

CUTAWAY: How would you describe what makes editing a docci unique to other genres?
NIKKI: I think that documentary editing is unique because of the amount problem solving that goes into it. You need to think about narrative, about mood, about pace and about structure – and often you find none of that has been planned, or can be planned. It all happens in post.

CUTAWAY: What was the timespan to cut My Beautiful Game?
NIKKI: My beautiful Game is a 13 part series, of which I edited 9. I worked on the series for 4 months.

CUTAWAY: What format was it shot on?
NIKKI: It was shot on the Phantom camera, Bolex and the Sony XDCAM.

Read the rest of the at the Cutaway site.

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