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04 February 2011

Looking for a Producer


Last month I self-published my book, "The Lottery Code" for free from my Website:
I am looking for a film studio, or a producer/s to turn my incredible book into a blockbuster film, or documentary.
It is, after all, a "believe it or not" story.
This is not a hoax email, and I am not delusional, or crazy.

The story which I tell in my book is unbelievable, but true.
In 1995, while living in London, I discovered a hidden code in the British Lottery which in 2006 communicated messages
to me.

It is all based on mathematics, and therefore, FACT.
My codebook is "Thayer's Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament" coded with "Strong's" Concordance Numbers.

If you doubt that God speaks to people IN OUR TIME, now you can read my book and judge for yourself.
The prophecies in "The Lottery Code" hearken back to the Bible and reveal 302 messages
communicated from a hidden code in the British Lottery.
Message No. 249 concerns the Province of Judaea (now known as the WestBank.)

Thank you in advance for any assistance which you may give me.

Lorraine Hattingh-Spurgeon

P.S. For a quick download of my book type: -

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