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24 February 2011

Looking for Videographer

My name is Alison Duke and I am a documentary filmmaker in Canada.

I got your contact from Bianca at Indigenous Film.

I am working on a documentary need a videographer to an upcoming debate.

It's happening this Sunday:

I've already inquired with the BBC producers about filming the actual debate and recording by 3rd parties is prohibited. What I would like to do is to get someone to shoot the establishing shot of the debate, and conduct stand up interviews with people arriving and after the event. I would also need them to interview Victor Mukasa (the subject of the documentary) who will be in attendance. Would you be able to help us with that? I am also planning a trip to South Africa in a month or two and would need production support when I arrive.

Alison Duke
Film and Video Productions
tel: (416) 420-4083
skype: dukealison

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