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01 March 2011

Film Organisations Quit Cape Film Commission

Two of the leading trade associations in the film production industry announced today that they are quitting the Film Commission in the Western Cape in protest against the mismanagement of the Commission and its shoddy treatment of the industry.

The Commercial Producers Association (CPA), which represents 45 production companies with a collective annual turnover of R1 billion per year, and The South African Association of Stills Producers (SAASP), which has a membership of 30 companies and generates over R500 million per annum in foreign investment in Cape Town alone, expressed a unanimous vote of no confidence in the CEO and board of The Cape Film Commission, which is a jointly funded agency of the City of Cape Town and the Provincial Government of the Western Cape that is mandated to promote and develop the film sector in the region with an operating budget of around R10 million per year.

The two organizations, which represent around 70% of the economically active film production sector in the Western Cape and the production interests of both local and international multinationals and advertising agencies, cited a number of reasons for their resignations, which were tabled at a Film Commission board meeting on Wednesday last week.

Among these were the Commission’s refusal to take up matters which adversely affect the industry in favour of costly events and unnecessary international marketing trips; the Commission’s history of mismanagement, poor corporate governance and compliance; the Commission’s role as a gatekeeper rather than an enabler of the industry and recent moves by the board and CEO to silence the industry’s voice by implementing spurious protocols which prevent accountability and transparency.

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