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04 March 2011

How Much Does it Really Cost to Make an Oscar Nominated Documentary

Jennifer Redfearn thought she'd be finishing her film in a homeless shelter. Instead, she's making her way to the red carpet.

Name: Jennifer Redfearn
Age: 35
Location: New York, NY

Why we care: In June 2008, documentary filmmaker Jennifer Redfearn came across a story about the inhabitants of the Carteret Islands near Papua New Guinea, and was shocked to learn that the people were among the first in world being displaced by climate change. Rising oceans were engulfing their island and contaminating their fresh water, forcing the inhabitants to seek new homes.

"I thought, 'I have a background in environmental science and journalism, and if I didn't know this was happening, then probably a lot of other people don't know this,'" she says. "It struck me as an incredibly compelling story to tell."

Redfearn set out to document the islanders' story on film, and produced her first independent documentary, Sun Come Up. She's now headed for the red carpet this week — Sun Come Up is nominated for an Academy Award in the "Best Documentary Short" category.

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