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11 March 2011

Out in Africa is Out in Africa 2011

Happy 2011! And ‘happy!’ that we have 3 outings this year. The rationale is obvious, more presence throughout the year, more opportunities for you to see queer flieks so we don’t break your bank or take up all your spare time in one go, and you don’t have to miss anything. We’re enjoying this new style Festival, it’s been a breeze selecting 8 features and 2 short films we know you’ll enjoy. It means that we can keep up with new releases and you don’t have to wait a year to see them…

What we also hope is that our box office will improve for this is the last 18 months of our Atlantic Philanthropies’ funding ever, we have applications in with the NLB and the NFVF, and we’re actively seeking alternative sources of donor money. Any ideas anyone? Of course, we’d like to be self-sustaining, and improved box office will help. We also plan to distribute films with DVDs for sale through our website, and make a profit.

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