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26 April 2011

Firmly in the Driving Seat

Karabo Leshoedi, the eldest of the four sisters who have just lost their single mother, reads from her Bible for inspiration. She falls asleep while reading and their home nearly burns down. She wakes up to the realization that she is responsible for her siblings’ well-being and has to pull from all her resolve to sustain them.

The use of a train, to chronicle Karabo’s journey, is a fitting metaphor as she finds a train guard job that enables her to significantly improve her family’s situation.

She battles chauvinistic attitudes at the workplace as she asserts herself in this previously male- dominated field. On the domestic front she has to grapple with her sister, the troublesome Basetsana and her wayward behavior; and when her newborn baby comes to the family it is a time of reconciliation for the quarrelsome sisters.

Karabo’s motherly skills come to the fore to win her the approval of the benevolent neighbour and everybody else around her; including the three siblings.

We witness a confident Karabo, transformed from the hesitant girl to a confident young lady, a she stands on the church podium to talk about her position of control and inspire the many others who might be in a similar or worse condition than the one she uplifted her family from. )

About the Writer/Director
Xolani Nameko comes from the sound technician background; having trained at Gearhouse SA and subsequently working at Bassline between 2007 and 2009.

Born in Johannesburg and growing up in the Eastern Cape on his life’s journey he has discovered the tradition of storytelling through film and in so doing has entrenched in himself a deep love for this art-form.

Xolani got an opportunity to pursue this passion when he was accepted for the Documentary Director Mentorship Programme; conducted by the NFVF Lifetime Achievement Award winner, Kevin Harris.

Graduating from the programme, Xolani wrote and directed a 24 minute documentary film: Firmly In The Driving Seat. It will broadcast for the first time on SABC 2 on the 24th April at 21h: 30.

A maverick, Xolani has established a t-shirt business that he aptly titled Self-Made Cheeseboy.

This passionate storyteller continues to grow within the film industry as an independent practitioner.

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