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26 April 2011

Guest Speakers and Panelists Needed


This WALE Screening Festival is a platform that aims at primarily providing young, creative and experienced filmmakers with a forum that can unite them together under one roof where they can showcase their works. But even more importantly, is to create a dialogue between the filmmaker and his audiences. So the interest is not just to see the works but also to talk about them. This process and discussion will encompass everything from the inspiration of the idea, conceptual framework, development of the idea, approaches through all the production processes—pre, pro and post-production. This will conclude with a special personal inputs or signatures of the specific directors/producers of those works. The reason(s) for this is simple; film industry does not grow or develop in a vacuum. So the sooner we as filmmakers, cinematographers, producers, directors, etc start exchanging ideas on how we handle or achieve our personal approaches to filmmaking the better we can all be assimilated into a culture of sharing information and growing each other in our industry.

Moreover, this platform will invite someone else who is at the centre of any and all TV and filmmaking, the spectator! In as much as we are going to talk about how we conceptualize and make movies, it is equally paramount that we consider how and who watches the films we make. As a result, we are going to make this event as diverse as possible and to encompass everything and everyone involved in the filmmaking industry.

The event will invite all members of the public of all ages, gender, race, nationality (but preference is going to be given to locals) to submit their works that is going to be screened and followed by a Q and A with the director/producer(s) or anyone with intimate insights into the production of that film. These works, or rather films can be of any genre or style—anything from fiction to factual.

When: WALE Festival 11 to 14 May 2011

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