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13 April 2011

The Hand of Man

Some friends and I are building a 4 meter sculpture of a steel left hand, which holds up 45 computer monitors (approx), displaying video. This will go to the AfrikaBurn festival, and I have also approached the 'Encounters', 'Durban Intl. Film Fest' and 'MediaTech' events which are reviewing it (everybody thinks its a great idea).

I'm emailing you the creative proposal (with themes) to see if any documentary filmmakers would be interested in adding content to the piece. They are welcome to add footage, though the piece does not play back sound. It would loop video, and it has 5 source signals. The themes of video is described in the attached creative proposal.

I understand that the majority of documentaries are narrative more than visual driven, but many documentary makers would have tons of footage lying around and might have some very visual pieces to contribute.

Please contact me for any questions or queries:
Jan Joubert

[The pdf will be emailed to DFA members on 14 April 2011.]

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