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30 April 2011

Italian Looking for Intern Placement in South Africa

Franco Consales
Director and videomaker
T: +39 328 4188963
Address and references available upon request

Shooting producer director with experience of producing long and short social video

Director of Videostories / Italy / 2010 to present. Planning, writing, shooting, editing,
directing, selling touristic and promotional short videos.

Director “Karamoja cocktail” / Uganda and Italy / Ombre nel Mondo Production / 2009 – 2011. Anthropological, economic and social documentary research within a tribe that is
doomed to live with daily food from the Woof Food Programme.

Specialist in Digital Video / United Nation Volunteer, Ministry of Education Botswana / 2009 - 2010. Assisted lecturers and students of Multimedia course. Gave technical support on creation of videos (how to write a script, how to make shootings, how to edit).

Director “Video to raise awareness of recycling for pupils in primary and secondary schools” / Italy / 2009 / Ato Production. A docufiction for children about theme of the differentiation of the waste.

Camera Operator “The Trap / Italy / 2009. The documentary is a testimony of the tragic
story of political refugees: Refugees claim that their rights are recognized.

Director “Indifferenza” / Italy / 2008. Waste and illegal dumps. Creative history of the
fascinating world of waste and landfill.

Director “A school of hospitality: the certainty of your future” / Italy / 2007. Video /
creative promotional documentary for the revival of the Institute. Interviews with teachers
and students, took the life of the highlights of the institute

Director “Everything for passion” / Italy / 2007. What and who is behind a procession so
old? and why so many young people are involved? The faces and stories of those who
annually organizes the most important event in the city.

Co-director “Mifugo ni Mali” (Herd is richness) / Tanzania and Italy / 2006. A leader tells Maasai rituals, traditions, social and political organization of a Tanzanian Maasai tribe.

Director “Burmese smiles” / Myanmar and Italy / 2005. It is the story of a wonderful trip in one of the most beautiful countries in the world with one of the most ruthless dictatorships.

Co-director “The handbook of the young zombie” / Italy / 2004. Before, during and after long months of coma.

Postgraduate Master Degree in Multimedia Publishing and Digital Communication - Polytechnic of Milan, 2000 - 2001, Milan (Italy)
Bachelor Degree in Communication Science - University of Salerno, 1993 - 1999
Scholarships: Erasmus Programme (European Region Action Scheme for the Mobility of
University Students) in the University of Salamanca, 1996 – 1997

Course in Documentary Film Production at Civic School of Milan “Milan Cinema
Television”, 2004

Workshop in documentary direction, Organized by Association GriĆ². Master class with
Enrica Colusso, teacher of cinema and documentary production and director of
documentaries, Bologna, Italy, 28/29 november 2008

Seminar “Production of creative documentary”, Organized by Holden School of Turin
and Documentary in Europe,Turin, Italy, 2007.

Fluent English and Spanish. Italian Mother Tongue.

Video journalism / documentary making: Reporting, Researching, Interviewing, Shooting
(Camera operator), Editing, Making final dvd

Web and graphic designing: Designing layout for web sites, Designing logos, Designing of
brochures and posters, Customozing of CMS (Joomla), Using of My Sql server,
myPhPAdmin, Creating animations with Adobe Flash

Software: Ms Word, Excel, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe Flash, After Effects,
Final Cut, Sound Trackpro, DVD Studio Pro.

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