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14 April 2011

Porselynnkas - Die dokiementer is hier!


No budget. A week to shoot. Anything can happen.

Porselynnkas Dokiementêr has been discussed on SABC 1 and has been selected for the Grahamstown Film Festival. A pre-launch event, for selected guests, will be held at the Klein Libertas Theatre in Stellenbosch on the 3 May.

Matthew Kalil follows artist, clown and performance poet Sjaka S Septembir as he hunts down old members of Porselynnkas, cream pies them in the face and laughs at some serious questions about memory, rebellion and the vigor of youth.

Was Porselynnkas a groundbreaking counter-cultural art movement within Afrikaans theater, like Bitterkomix and Fokofpolisiekar?

Or was it just an excuse for dyslexic poets, starving artists and dirty musicians to get girls naked?

Banned by the local radio station, loathed by the Church and considered out-of-bounds at high schools and certain coffee shops, Porselynnkas, a Stellenbosch art movement nevertheless executed 34 poetry happenings, distributed 21 poetry volumes, made music, broadcast a radio drama and caused anarchic chaos in the theatre community between 1996 and 1999.

Porselynnkas Dokiementêr is a 52 min fast-paced ride hurtling inevitably to a climactic final Porselynnkas happening. Will Sjaka’s friends pitch up? Will we find footage of the group’s previous performances? What about the question of the White Rabbit? Who is real? Who is lying? What is truth? Who cares?

Porselynnkas Dokiementêr features many Afrikaner counter-cultural icons such as Toast Coetzer, Gert Vlok Nel, Asha Zero, Deborah Steinmair, Floyed de Vaal, Alex Omega, Francois Weideman and others who all try and pretend to care about these issues.

Gertjie Basson (Mr Cat and the Jackal), Melanie Basson, Toast Coetzer and others will perform live at the event on the 3 of May.

Some quotes about the film:

“This film itself is a Happening.” – Ashley Courvar
“It’s not in the mainstream but on the margins of culture that we can really feel the pulse of a nation.” – Carlo Germeshuys
“”Uiters punk!” – Calabash The Rabbit

For more info go to:
Watch the trailer on youtube and the opening sequence.

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