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30 April 2011

Sony Plant Shutdown Means no HDCAM-SR Tapes

Until a few weeks ago, film and television producers worldwide were happy to rely on Sony Corp. to supply all the high-end videotape they needed to get their shows out to audiences.

But last month’s earthquake and tsunami destroyed the only factory in the world that makes Sony HDCAM-SR tapes, throwing the industry into panic mode.

“For those in the middle of producing a series, they’re saying ‘Holy cow, there is no HDCAM-SR,’” said Howie Gold, executive vice-president at Creative Post, a Toronto-based post-production company. “The world is now at the mercy of when SR stock comes back in line.”

Sony has an exclusive licence to produce the tapes, and its only manufacturing facility was in Miyagi, Japan. The factory was badly damaged and it will likely be months before production resumes. As a result, worldwide supplies of new HDCAM-SR tapes are nearly depleted.

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