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08 May 2011

The Michael Saltino Story

My story is a true South African, human story about a musician who was prepared to journey where no-one else dared to journey, in order to realize his dream. Along the way a lot of controversial and anti-establishment actions took place which attracted much media attention...............Eventually, in order to get some kind of recognition, Michael took on the might of the SABC by placing an advert in the "Citizen" newspaper concluding that "a precedent has been set whereby no-one in South Africa needs to pay for their TV licences anymore". This was an incredible harsh statement to make and tough yet interesting court battles followed. While all this happened Michael was based in Leandra, Mpumalanga---------where over the years he survived 5 armed robberies. On 26th November 2007 Michael survived three bullets shot at him from point blank range (5th armed robbery) and he thereafter strongly believes that the Almighty still has a purpose for him on this earth-------------

I am looking for a suitable doc. film company to do my story. Perhaps someone who feels (just as the general public does) that the time is now ripe for drastic changes by the SABC, so that that much of the South African Public, viewers and production companies can start benefitting from these changes. Simultaneously my music would be promoted. All that needs to be done is to tell the story as it is. Please note that I am currently in a position to partially finance such a documentary providing it could be exposed to the public by the SABC or MNet or some other high profile television company. A potentially interested production company should kindly take the trouble to browse into where 10 extracts of 10 original songs may be heard plus a one page story behind the music--------------and only if you ( the production company) are impressed with the music-----------a 13 page "heartfelt" story may be emailed to you, only at your request.

Any doc. film producer who feels he/she is able to take on this project, or at least discuss it further may contact me at:
cell 0825329066
tel 011- 6099870 (but sometimes this line is out of order)

I thank you for your time and trouble.
And looking forward to hearing from you.
Best wishes,
Michael (Saltino)

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