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07 May 2011

Renaissance 2.0 Needs a Production Company

Renaissance 2.0 is a film about the emergence of a new civilization where we move from the information age to the age of wisdom.

Renaissance 2.0 explains how the culmination of existing online technologies births a global brain of collective human intelligence. This new way of relating andexchanging has a massive impact on consumer behavior and sustainability, giving people the power over corporate dominance and government behavior, in fact, it makes our existing social systems seem Jurassic in comparison.

This new civilization is not a utopia, but experts are calling it the empathic civilization, where reputation, care and upliftment of others makes up our socio economic industries and mechanisms of wealth.

This film excites action, as we are able to envision how to capitalize the on the higher aspects of our human nature. It’s a blueprint of how to build and bring about a new heartfelt world into existence.

We are looking for a production company who would work on a documentary feature film (below is listed our criteria for a production company).

Information about the production company:
Work with first time directors?
Open to financing or distributing micro-budgeted indies? ($1m or less)?
Prefer to be involved with the packaging of a film (vs. projects with firm cast attachments)?
Provide Equity Financing?
Pay minimum guarantee for International Sales Rights?
Act as Executive Prod or Completion Funding?
Acts as Sales Rep?

We would require the following support from a production company:
Shooting schedules
Legal advice
Recruitment of crew and cast (narrator)
Reconnaisance trips
Presentation boards
Hire of equipment, facilities and services
Office sites
Location permits
Post-production staff and services
Payroll, cost reports and budget reconciliation
DTI rebate application or similar bodies

I look forward to your feedback if you are able to assist or point me in the right direction.


Tahra Sergeant
Renaissance 2.0

Mobile: +82 885 0230
Skype: tahrasergeant

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