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12 May 2011

Sallywood with F.I.L.M

Dear Potential Sallywood Applicants

We have the privilege of managing a Section 21 not-for-gain film mentorship and training programme. ( ). We are accredited training providers and skills development facilitators and were fortunate to receive a grant from the Mappp-Seta for which we applied before it was assimilated into the new MICT Seta for the Sallywood Project.We plan on beginning the project at the earliest, 1 June 2011. We are currently in the final stages of applicant selection but are prepared for more applications if they can be submitted within the next week by Friday 13 May 2011.

Many of you may have heard about the Sallywood Project from F.I.L.M. members or via the film industry grapevine. We are delighted to announce that we have formally signed the agreement for a Discretionary Grant from the Mappp-Seta for the Sallywood Project and we are now in the process of recruiting 40 trainees for the Sallywood Project programme. Here follows a brief outline of what the Sallywood Project involves:

To Tell Southern Africa’s stories through Film & Electronic Media in a captivating, highly professional way in one-off & episodic or series form, while identifying, up-skilling & empowering talented, accomplished young film-makers and entrepreneurs.

To Tell & Sell Southern Africa’s Stories through Film, Electronic & Digital Media
- As Highly Marketable, Magnetic, Episodic Product via Broadcast & Distribution in Africa
- While providing Sustainable Work Placement & Job Creation & Unit-standard Aligned Skills Development, Training & Mentorship
- As a Social Enterprise applying Market-based Strategies, to strive to become Self-funding and Sustainable while achieving a significant Social & Economic Development Purpose
- Produced by primarily, but not exclusively, Previously Disadvantaged People and pitched at a rapidly expanding, emerging, constantly evolving, increasingly upwardly mobile, mass market

-To create & produce highly marketable, magnetic episodic, ongoing television one-off productions and series with steadily increasing appeal, attraction and brand-equity in the growing, emerging mass-market broadcast and distribution arena effectively making African stories in episodic form captivating, highly entertaining & irresistible
-To retain the raw, visceral energy that will render these products unique & irresistible
-To workshop the material with the creators at the various stages of the process, appropriately embedding strong, positive, moral & social messaging, communicating key social issues like Conflict Resolution; HIV & Aids Awareness; Corruption & Crime in the end, don’t pay; showing the ultimate rewards inherent in honesty, courage, selflessness, self-discipline, service & many other positive moral attributes contributing towards a better life for all.
-Simultaneously to conduct unit-standard aligned skills training and mentorship - with hands-on experiential-learning workshops with SA’s top mentors - taking F.I.L.M. Sallywood trainees through the critical stages of the Film & Television Series Production Process.
-To promote entrepreneurship and create sustainable work placement, employment opportunities and job creation

To ensure a rock-solid foundation to this project and to ensure top quality products for broadcast emerging from The Sallywood Project - intensive, thorough, detailed script development is vital - over a significantly longer period in order to ensure that essentially brilliant ideas & story-lines realize their full-potential as completed productions for broadcast. We are provisionally looking at producing the following product during the pilot Sallywood Project programme.

-The Sallywood Project plans a 1 x 4 episode short series which will go into production in 3 – 4 months; 1 Episodic Drama Series: 4 X half-hour episodes (roughly 22 minutes long )

-1 x FILM DRAMAS that are first draft scripts based on great, well developed, executable ideas, ready in 3 months time; 3 X 1 hour Dramas (45 -50 minutes on a roughly 58 page script)
-1 new idea, that is a good, executable idea, already well advanced in terms of development, but needing more work and will take maybe 4-6 months before production;
-1 very fresh, undeveloped idea that shows real potential and may take 6-9 months to go into production
This staggered process effectively keeps trainees busy at varying stages of the origination, development, production and post-production process, but effectively allows us to get material out and on air as soon as possible to give a clear indication to our eventual broadcast partner that the Sallywood Project can produce results and great quality.

oPassionate young aspiring television & film-makers and media-entrepreneurs from all walks of life
oF.I.L.M. trainees who are aspiring writers, directors, producers, crew across the film & TV production skills set spectrum.
oYou require a minimum of a Grade 12 and while you do not necessarily require film & television tertiary education you must complete the application form as requested and submit it to the F.I.L.M. programme by 13 May 2011.

We have attached two forms (DFA members get them with the newsletter):
1)Sallywood Project Trainee Application form: This is an application form which you have to fill out in full in order to be eligible for selection as one of the 40 initial trainees on the Sallywood Project.
2)Sallywood Story Submission form: We are on a search for South Africa’s best stories that can be turned into really kick-ass scripts for production and broadcast. Please send us your stories. The copyright of your story if already vested in yourself as the author remains with you unless otherwise negotiated in a fair and equitable manner. You do however have to be prepared to permit your story to be made on the Sallywood Project otherwise there is no point in submitting it.

We look forward to your submitted applications and your awesome Sallywood story submissions as soon as possible as we are currently engaged in the final selection process for the most suitable candidates.

Here’s a to a super-successful Sallywood Project programme. It can’t work without you and your creative genius.

Warm regards

Seton Bailey & the F.I.L.M. Team
T +27 21 461 7950 F +27 21 461 7951 C +27 82 787 4456
2 The Avalon 123 Hope St Gardens 8001 Cape Town South Africa

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