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03 May 2011

Story to be Told

I’m looking for a documentary filmmaker who’s willing to shoot my story that tells of anybody’s ability to recover from any traumatic experience … if they can attach meaning to their experience -on the basis of Corporate Social Investment. It will be well worth your while because I’ve got a globally unique story AND because it’ll be saleable worldwide!

I was involved in a severe motorbike accident in my matric-year (1986) that left me in a coma for 7-months. F.y.i. any coma that lasts longer than an hour is classified as “serious”. Since then, I’ve achieved my matric (albeit over 4 years), University qualifications (x6), released a motivational CD “5%” (because that’s the chance I was given to survive the first night I spent in ICU) and I have been delivering inspirational speeches since 2004 because I know that anybody can do anything “…if they can give it some meaning” - Dr^56 Viktor Frankl. I’m sure that Madiba also falls into this category (who also has ‘blue blood’ in his veins)

When Frankl was asked why he called his and only 5% of the other prisoners (including my late-father) survival from imprisonment in Auschwitz during WW2 “spiritual”, he replied: “because there’s no other word to describe it.”

(Given the global viewership of the Royal Wedding last week was 2 billion people … and given that I also have ‘blue blood’ in me … that MUST say something.)

I have 25 years of personal- and 18 years of theoretical-experience in the subject (Head Injuries). I also have contact with Doctor’s, Professor’s and Universities.

I’m also a member of the Pretoria Stroke Support Group – for which I compile quarterly-newsletters. (f.y.i. Strokes and Head Injuries are both classified under ‘Acquired Brain Injuries)’.
“Even under normal conditions, a strong meaning orientation is a health-promoting and a life-prolonging, if not a life-preserving, agent.” Viktor E. Frankl
I’ve only had contact with two other survivors of head injuries in the last year and they’re both turned to religion to explain their recoveries. I also think that my inner religious beliefs also played a role in my recovery. THAT and given the fact that there are so many accidents every day … there must be a demand for this!

Take a look at (Viktor Frankl Institute – SA) for more information about the course. If you go to that page, look under Logotherapists.

Look for my name on Facebook under ‘Inspirational speakers’

I can be contacted:
+27 082 749 3549 (c),

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