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15 May 2011

Take 3 Call for Submissions

Take 3, a new international series is calling for South African filmmakers to be featured in the programme. The premise of the show is based on the understanding that most independently made films do not have the benefit of a huge studio-backed promotional campaign, therefore the general public is largely unaware of the film and the film's title.

The series has created a vehicle to help bridge that promotional gap and bring these films to the public's attention.

There is a wealth of compelling filmmaking that goes on outside the studio system that never reaches a broader audience. Audiences rarely hear about these films so these independent film titles remain relatively unknown. TAKE 3 promises to give general audiences a chance to access, and, learn more about these films and filmmakers. The director interviews have more of a "bonus feature-DVD commentary" feel and quality … an actual "meet the director" look.

Criteria: Each episode of this new series will feature independent filmmakers/films with (1) great/exceptional storylines, (2) ethnically-diverse casting, (3)films currently available on DVD that had limited, or no theatrical release, (4) films that have gone Direct to DVD. (5) Films without benefit of major studio backing, and (6) films with one or two recognizably-well known actors in lead roles. (7) Also interested in films where either the Director, Producer, or Writer is a person of color or a woman.

The TAKE 3 series will be hosted by actor, Obba Babatundé (subject to his availability) and will preview, showcase, and promote the films of over 50 new and established filmmakers this season.

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