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29 August 2011

Film Apprentices Wanted

Two exciting filmmakers, Kel and Eline are coming to Cape Town to work on a project in late September 2011. Find out more about them here.

They are looking to work with a local filmmaker to work with, perhaps you or someone you know would be interested in getting involved! Please spread this to everyone you know who would like to get involved.

They work as a two-person documentary crew for TV, online media and commercial outlets. In addition, they show our work at art galleries and film festivals. Cross-platform distribution (for example: making an art piece and selling off leftover footage to a TV station) is one of their
strengths. They can offer one interested & motivated person the opportunity to accompany us on a shoot. While on the shoot, this person will learn real world filmmaking skills.

The individual they are seeking for this position should have a very strong interest in filmmaking, although extensive prior experience on shoots is not required. A knowledge of how to get around in Capetown is a plus, as is a drivers license. They will pay for travel, food and daily expenses for the couple of days that you’ll be working with them.

Here’s a preliminary schedule:

*Early to mid October-* Production (on-site research and shooting)

*Mid October to Early November- *Post-production (editing &

*Early November- *Installation and 1 day exhibition

If you’re keen to be a part of this interesting opportunity, drop Eline Jongsma and
Kel O'Neill an e-mail: and

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