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31 August 2011

International Black Women's Film Festival

Welcome to the 10th International Black Women’s Film Festival!

I established this film festival in 2001 and presented the first festival in October 2002 in San Francisco, CA, and I am proud to present the tenth year of the festival! The festival is scheduled for July 20th and July 21st, 2012 in San Francisco!

I started this film festival as a way to celebrate Black women filmmakers from around the world and to show audiences that there are films about Black women that do not involve negative stereotyping, violence toward Black women, and that don’t show Black women being berated and exploited. The screenings showed Black women presented film through their filter which produced an entirely different outlook on the role of Black women and the roles of Black women.

Not all of the filmmakers are Black women. Some are directors who just happened to choose a Black women as a featured actress. The casting of some of these women were just natural choices of gifted actresses, but the act of casting them was sometimes unintentionally revolutionary and their image was not the usual Hollywood image of leading actresses.

I want to see you (or your film) at the 2012 festival!

To submit your film, visit the web site.

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