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30 August 2011

JoBurg Fringe

this is our space for the 2011 Joburg Fringe: alleyway on Melle, between Juta and de Korte
in Braamfontein (see attachments)

our deadline for SUBMISSIONS for a stand on the Joburg Fringe is 1 week away!

DEADLINE for submissions: 2 Sept 2011.
SUBMIT WHAT?: 4 low res pics plus short cv plus short proposal.
CATALOGUE deadline: actually 2 Sept, extention 'till 9 Sept to accomodate newest work etc
SIZE: 16 meters square (larger costs more).
PRICE: R2000
CAN ONE SHARE A STAND? absolutely. just submit pics of each exhibitors work, cv etc.
JURY: Khwezi Gule, Matthew Krouse, Kagiso Pat Mautloa, Joburg Fringe organizers.
CONFIRMATION to participate: we will let you know by Monday morning 5 September.
BOOTHS: space dividers and bright neon lighting supplied by Joburg Fringe.
SUPPORT: there will be 2 technicians supervising the setting up of the show, giving basic support.
SET UP: from 8am on Monday 19 September 2011 (closer the time we can see if Sunday 18 is an option) NB: Booths must be completely set up by 4pm on Wednesday 21 September.
HAMMER, NAILS, TAPE MEASURE, SPIRIT LEVEL, DRILL and other tools: bring your own.
OPENING: The 2011 Joburg Fringe opens to the public at 6pm on Wednesday 21 September. Opening night no entrance fee.
OPENING PARTY: will take place in the outdoor spaces (in the Alley which gives access to the Joburg Fringe as well as The Grove piazzetta and the Hotel Lamunu.)
AFTER PARTY: each booth will be issued with X coupons giving a free drink at Kitchener's Bar after 8pm on Wednesday 21 September.
21 Sept (Wednesday= Opening Evening) 6pm-8pm.
22 Sept (Thursday) 10am - 4pm
23 Sept (Friday) 10am - 4pm
24 Sept (Saturday) 9am - 4pm (this will be the 3rd Saturday of the fresh from the Biscuit Mill in C.T. Neighbourgoods Market at 73 Juta, down the alley way from us, and the place will be BUSY. Hence so early...)
25 Sept (Sunday) 10am - 2pm
ENTRANCE FEE: 22-24 Sept R20.00 a ticket.
FINISSAGE (that's French for a closing chill-out party) with voluntary AUCTION*: from 2:30, with beer and prego rolls.
*voluntary AUCTION: who ever is interested to have an artwork auctioned: half money goes to artist, other half to a Braamfontein charity.
DE-INSTALLATION: by Monday morning 26 September 11.30am latest!
SECURITY: is being arranged.
POWER: available, please bring cables, plugs, long extention cords etc
WHO MANS THE SPACE DURING THE JOBURG FRINGE ? you do. get a good stand-in or liaise with your booth-neighbour.
NEED MORE INFO? see blog posts or email us:

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