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11 March 2011

6th Film Camp 2011


Dear Sir or Madam,

With regard to 6th International Student Film Camp “Interaction 2011” we would like you to inform the film academies about this year’s competition.
The application deadline is 15th April 2011.

6th International Student Film Camp “Interaction 2011” organized by the Independent Film Centre “Filmart” is going to be held in Pozega (Serbia) from 11th to 29th August 2011.

20 students of film production, directing, cinematography, sound design and editing from 15 countries, divided into 4 crews, are going to shoot 4 documentaries on the theme “Art dialogue”.

The organizers provide:

· board and lodging for the participants
· equipment and material for film production
· transport (Belgrade – Pozega – Belgrade)

A student / participant pays for:

· getting a visa (if they need one to enter Serbia)
· transport (to Belgrade and back)
· international travel health insurance

Competition eligibility

Students of film production, directing, cinematography, sound design and editing who are:

· experienced in documentary film production
· fluent in English and
· do not miss the deadline for sending the filled-in application form along with their photo and the copy of the film in production of which they took part in during their studies

Application deadline is 15th April 2011

For more information or to download the application form visit or contact us on

We would be very grateful if you could inform some people in your country as well as the film schools about this year’s competition (through your mailing list, camp posters, putting the information about the camp on your web site).

Please find enclosed:
· Directory of information about the camp
· Application form
· Camp poster

I hope that you will be supportive of our work and help the work of young people be recognized.

Yours faithfully,

Dejan Petrovic
Manager of the Independent Film Centre “Filmart”
Independent Film Centre “Filmart”
International Student Film Camp “Interaction”
Radnicka 11, 31210 Pozega, Serbia
Tel: +381 63 850 70 35, +381 64 125 94 28
Web site:

Out in Africa is Out in Africa 2011

Happy 2011! And ‘happy!’ that we have 3 outings this year. The rationale is obvious, more presence throughout the year, more opportunities for you to see queer flieks so we don’t break your bank or take up all your spare time in one go, and you don’t have to miss anything. We’re enjoying this new style Festival, it’s been a breeze selecting 8 features and 2 short films we know you’ll enjoy. It means that we can keep up with new releases and you don’t have to wait a year to see them…

What we also hope is that our box office will improve for this is the last 18 months of our Atlantic Philanthropies’ funding ever, we have applications in with the NLB and the NFVF, and we’re actively seeking alternative sources of donor money. Any ideas anyone? Of course, we’d like to be self-sustaining, and improved box office will help. We also plan to distribute films with DVDs for sale through our website, and make a profit.

Read the rest here.

10 March 2011

IDFA Academy Summer School

Dear people from our professional documentary network,

I would like to inform you about our upcoming IDFAcademy Summer School.

From 4 until 9 July 2011 the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam organizes the fourth edition of the IDFAcademy Summer School: a tailor-made training program aimed at strengthening the narrative structure of documentary film projects in script development and editing stage.

The deadline for submission for the Summer School is 1 April 2011. You can read more about the Summer School and download an entry form from the IDFA website here. I hope you can forward the information below to your network of filmmakers and producers.

About the Summer School
The Summer School combines individual coaching with group sessions and an inspiring cultural program in a relaxed atmosphere. It offers two types of training possibilities: Script Development and Editing Consultancy. Around sixteen projects in script development or editing stage (rought cut) from all over the world will be selected for the Summer School 2011. The filmmakers of these projects will be coached in Amsterdam intensively by 8 international documentary experts. Filmmakers who are selected have the opportunity to bring a sparring partner: a creative producer, a co-scriptwriter, or an editor in the case of participation in Editing Consultancy. If a project is selected, a project fee of €750 (excluding VAT) is due.

Thank you very much and all the best, Meike

Meike Statema
Coordinator Education

Aonther Big Debate

Dear friends

Don't miss the latest BBC World Debate, produced by Broad Daylight Films in Johannesburg. This one is on gay rights in Africa, and features David Bahati, the author of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill in Uganda, as well as former Botswana President Festus Mogae. Also present are gay rights activists from across the region.

It will be aired at the following times:
BBC World News Television (DSTV Channel 400 in South Africa)
Saturday 12th March, in the morning at 11:10 South Africa Time (09:10 GMT)
Saturday 12th March, late at night at 00:10 South Africa Time (22:10 GMT)
Sunday 13th March in the afternoon at 17:10 South Africa Time (15:10 GMT)

BBC World Service Radio (also available on DSTV audio bouquet)

Saturday 12th March in the evening at 20:06 South Africa Time (18:06 GMT)
Sunday 13th March in the afternoon at 15:06 South African Time (13:06 GMT)

We'll also put the debate on our website next week.

Ben Cashdan
Producer, "The Big Debate"
Producer, BBC World Debate (Africa Series 2010/2011)
Broad Daylight Films Foundation, Johannesburg

Paradise Stop Master Class

Please click on the image to view the details

Editing Masterclasses at Cape Winelands Film Festival

The South African Guild of Editors is proud to announce two Documentary Editing Masterclasses in association with Cape Winelands Film Festival 2011. SAGE editors whose films are featured at CWFF will present masterclasses on 23 March, discussing their work on the respective films and taking questions from attendants. Masterclasses are free. RSVP by email to to reserve your seat.

Wed 23 March 10h00 – 12h00

Unhinged: Surviving Joʼburg is an honest, quirky and sometimes frenzied documentary about Johannesburg, South Africaʼs biggest city and the worldʼs gateway to Southern Africa. With rapid narrative, dry humour, trivial factoids, insightful observations and a highly enjoyable soundtrack, the film tells a slice-of-city-life story. Itʼs a personal video snapshot of todayʼs city, providing a unique opportunity for viewers to get a glimpse inside a place that the world has a very fuzzy sense of.

Stephen Abbott – Unhinged: Surviving Jo'burg Editor

Stephen is a writer, director, photographer and editor. He likes travel, coffee, stories, mountains, movies, music, and some other things. He studied acting and film at Wits University, graduating in 2004. and since then has been engaged in the South African film and television industry as a writer, director and editor. In 2005 Stephen co-launched a small film, television and video production company named Stealth Donkey Moving Pictures.

Stephen's masterclass is titled "The eye of the storm: editing order out of documentary chaos". He'll look at the rocky road of a guerilla documentary, provide insight into the editing process of a few scenes, and present a brief technical overview of editing an HD documentary on a laptop.

Film screenings: 21 Mrt (Neelsie Teaters) 25 Maart 19:30 (5 Ryneveld )


Wed 23 March 13h00 – 15h00

On the outside, you grow up with gangs. You end up joining a gang. You are good with a gun and become an assassin. They give you a target. You are betrayed, and they find you. You are shot twelve times, survive and end up in Pollsmoor Prison where the dreaded “number gangs” rule. Now you're on the inside, and you're fighting for survival. Odd Number is a documentary film set on the Cape Flats. It is a story of redemption.

Liani van Straaten – Odd Number Editor

Since she started working in the television industry in 1997, Liani has worked as editor, television director, film school lecturer and Apple Final Cut Pro trainer. Today she specialises in consulting filmmakers on all aspects of production: from selecting a concept through production and post to final delivery. She obtained her Masters degree in media studies from the University of Stellenbosch and is currently pursuing her doctorate in film studies.

The theme of Liani's masterclass is the use of editing devices to enhance audience engagement. Her discussion will include: combining dramatisations with interview and cinéma vérité footage, using music and sound effects to create atmosphere, adjusting pace to enhance impact and using grading as a tool for signification. Clips from the film will be screened as part of the masterclass. There will be opportunity to ask questions.

Film screenings: 20 Mrt 14:30 (Oude Libertas Ouditorium) 24 Maart 19:30 (5 Ryneveld)

Interview with Stephen Abbott, Editor on Unhinged: Surviving Jo'burg

Stephen Abbott, editor of Unhinged - Surviving Joburg, gave Cutaway some insight into editing this documentary film which will be featured at CWFF.

CUTAWAY: What was your approach to the editing of ‘Unhinged - Surviving Joburg’?

STEPHEN: Well, this was a strange editing process! We cut for about 2 years, on and off. Director Adrian Loveland shot about 2/3rds of the film after I started cutting, so the film was constantly changing under my edit. I approached this in different phases. At first I focussed on getting some amazing music and visuals ‘set pieces’ right, with only a general structure to the film (as it was being written while I was editing). Later, I moved focus to telling a coherent tale with the interviewees and Adrian’s voiceover.

CUTAWAY: What editing challenges did you face?

STEPHEN: Working with limited, ‘indie’ footage. And working with lots of stills from the amazing press photographer Alon Skuy.

CUTAWAY: How long was post production?

STEPHEN: I started in July 2008, so just under 2 years.

Read further here.

09 March 2011

RFK In The Land of Apartheid

Please click the image for details

Reconciliation: Mandela's Miracle

Please click on the image to view the details.

NB! RSVPs are accepted until 13 March 2011

Gasland at The Labia and The Bioscope

Location The Labia on Orange Cinema in CT and The Bioscope in JHB

Created by While You Were Sleeping - films for thought

More info
Gasland, the Oscar-nominated documentary about fracking – an environmentally destructive method of natural gas exploitation that may be used in the Karoo soon – will be shown at:

The Labia on Orange cinema in Cape Town on Monday 21 March at 6:15pm, on Tuesday 22 March at 8:30pm and on Wednesday 23 March at 6:15pm

and at:

The Bioscope Independent Cinema in Johannesburg on Monday 4 April at 8.00pm, Tuesday 5 April at 8.00pm and on Friday 8 April at 8.00pm.

Part verite travelogue, part expose, part mystery, part bluegrass banjo meltdown, part showdown - Gasland is the must-see documentary of the year!

The largest natural gas drilling boom in history has swept across the United States. The drilling technology of "fracking" or hydraulic fracturing has unlocked a "Saudi Arabia of natural gas" just beneath the country. But is fracking safe?

When filmmaker Josh Fox is asked to lease his land for drilling, he embarks on a cross-country odyssey uncovering a trail of secrets, lies and contamination. A recently drilled town in the neighbourhood reports that residents are able to light their drinking water on fire. This is just one of the many absurd and astonishing revelations of a new country Fox calls Gasland.

This documentary is particularly relevant to South Africans because Royal Dutch Shell and other local and international oil and gas companies are about to start exploring for natural gas in the Karoo. The fracking technique that will be used for extracting this gas is extremely water-intensive and known to cause devastating groundwater pollution. Watching Gasland is a bit like watching the Karoo of the future – if we allow fracking to happen here!

The screenings will be followed by a facilitated audience discussion.

Tickets for the screenings at the Labia can be reserved by calling 021 424 5927. Tickets for the screenings at The Bioscope can be booked online at or by calling 087 830 0445. We strongly recommended that you reserve tickets to avoid disappointment.

This event is presented by the Labia, The Bioscope,, a South African anti-fracking website, Earthlife Africa and While You Were Sleeping, a Cape Town-based non-profit film collective committed to bringing progressive, non-mainstream documentaries with important social, political and environmental messages to South African audiences.

The Labia:
021 424 5927

The Bioscope:
087 830 0445

Official film website:


While You Were Sleeping:
Andreas Späth
084 749 9470

This information was taken off the facebook page

08 March 2011

Flashback Event Exhibition

NEXT events in Collaboration with ORMS are hosting an event photography exhibition at Carnival Court (Long Street, CT) on Thursday the 24th of March. Three of Cape Town’s best event photographers will be showing, namely Paul Ward, Mark Reitz and Adriaan Louw.

The idea is for the exhibition to be fun and interactive. To do this the organisers are merging the exhibition with a party (DJ’s Stone Age Citizen’s will be playing). Event photography at the actual event will be uploaded every hour to a projector on Carnival Court’s balcony.

Original post here.

Big Fish Comes to Cape Town

The award winning Big Fish School of Digital Filmmaking is now offering National Certificates in Filmmaking to fully sponsored and paying students in Cape Town.

The courses are entry level (NQF 4) and intermediate (NQF 5) level and are available to energetic, organized, entrepreneurial, reliable and innovative individuals who are committed to succeed in the Film and Television industry.

The NQF 4 course content includes introduction to directing, cinematography, production management/producing, editing, sound, research and understanding script.

The NQF 5 course objective is to expand on existing knowledge, deepening skills in those students who have already proved a commitment and passion for the industry and who want to specialize in their chosen electives.

Training is project focused, working in all disciplines related to the film and television industry. Tutoring and mentoring is done by leading South African professionals and we use state-of-the-art equipment.

At Big Fish we also create simulated and actual workplace experiences for course participants.

DURATION: 34 weeks per course (8 Months)
COURSE START DATES: May – December 2011.
TIMES: 09h00 – 16h30, Monday to Friday
COST: Either fully sponsored or paid for depending on the
student’s financial circumstances.

Deadline for applications : End of March 2011


Applicants must be available full-time for the entire 34 week period.
NQF 4 requires Grade 12 and with proof of commitment and interest in Film and TV.
NQF 5 requires a minimum of three years experience in the Film and TV sector and/or previous tertiary training/certification in the industry.

Applicants must send their CV as soon as possible to Lisa Mini on or Hein Ungerer on

Mappp Seta registration number Bihgh7MAPP08012186

DocLove On Holdin Cape Town

I just wanted to inform you that DocLove CPT is on hold for a while
Obz Cafe has closed / is in the process of changing ownership.
We are looking at other venues and will resume asap.

Few Ue Market Research in South Africa

Cape Town

While the South African film market is maturing, the lack of market research is "one of the biggest problems" facing the local industry, says producer Danie Bester of Film Factory.

A record 24 local films were released in 2010 with "Schuks Tshabalala's Survival Guide to 2010," setting a new box office record for a South African film, raking in R37.5 million ($5.4 million).

A comedy revolving around the 2010 World Cup soccer tourney, directed by Gray Hofmeyr and starring and co-written by Leon Schuster, the country's most bankable star, there was little doubt the film would do well.

Even so, "the economic reality of our industry makes it difficult to justify the cost associated with research," says Bester, who produced 2008 hit "Bakgat!," the first ever Afrikaans teen comedy.

At present, many in the local industry rely on sporadic research by the National Film and Video Foundation, the Dept. of Trade and Industry and the local film commissions.

"Hopefully, the NFVF will push up the amount and quality of research," says Bester. "There are not enough resources available in South Africa. A lot of the projects developed are chosen for every reason but strong market analysis."

Ross Garland exec produced helmer Donovan Marsh's local hit "Spud," based on John van de Ruit's novel of the same name about 14-year-old Spud's first year at boarding school. It was one of 24 homegrown films released last year.

He says, "Market research companies haven't played much of a role in the industry to date, although that might change as we now see the industry maturing into a tangibly commercial space here for local content producers."

Most producers do conduct their own forms of ad hoc research, according to Garland. "Producers decide on the film they want to make first. Market research, or at least researching comparable film performance, helps right-size the budget and develop a sensible business plan. To do this a producer needs to be honest about the project and where it fits in terms of its genre and natural audience pull."

"Spud" was published in 2005 giving Garland five years of anecdotal feedback from fans, which helped to assess its crossover potential.

Read the rest here.

Nkwe leaves Mzansi Fo Sho!

SABC1 GM Ray Nkwe has jumped ship.

He left his office on Monday after the expiry of his contract.
“He wasn’t interested in renewing his contract. I think the raging infighting at the corporation discouraged him from renewing it.
“It is really a great setback for the SABC,” says a source.

Sources said Nkwe, who among his achievements introduced the Stars of Mzansi Awards and transformed the previously humdrum channel into a competitive youth station, is to be replaced by Leo Manne.

Nkwe confirms: “My last day in the office was on Monday.
“I’ll miss the amazing workforce I left behind but, hey, it was time for new blood to take over.”

SABC spokesperson Kaizer Kganyago confirms that Manne has been appointed to act in Nkwe’s position. “We’ll soon advertise the post,” he says.

Original article here.