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23 June 2011

Jennifer Fox's Tips on Kickstarter

OK, so I promised one last Blog Post and this one has already morphed into three posts. But I swear that these last three posts are my last words of wisdom about Kickstarter for a while (the final words of a self avowed Kickstarter addict).

Before I take a break and move onto other subjects, I want to let you know that there is a fourth post coming down the pipeline from the MY REINCARNATION team – Stefanie, Katherine and Lisa – who are working on another article filled with their words of wisdom and perceptions of what they learned doing our campaign.

As you can see, the short form is not my strong suit. I am a serial storyteller, not one for getting it all down in one neat punch. To me, the dramatic structure of life is episodic, which is why I have always loved the serial form and have made two documentary series and am now preparing a fiction television series. Even the new feature I am writing is told in episodic chapters.

Crowd funding is the same. It is a series of small dramatic arcs climaxing in small successes (after those failures I mentioned in the previous post). It would be misleading to talk about a Kickstarter campaign like it was one big Hollywood blockbuster. So here are the next 4 Tips, with 9 more coming, consisting of a lot of small dramas:

Read the full post here.

22 June 2011

Les 3 Continents Workshop Call for Entries


November 21 - 29, 2011

Call for entries

The association Les 3 Continents (Nantes - France) opens the call for entries for the international workshop Produire au Sud to be held 21-27, 2011 in Nantes (France).

The workshop will take place from November 21 to 27, but selected producers and directors will be invited until November 29, the end of the Festival of 3 Continents.

Produire au Sud accompanies films under development and supports selected teams consisting of two persons (producer and director) in acquiring professional skills and tools on international co-production, during an intensive one-week seminar, where they benefit from customized training and individual consulting lead by european cinema and audiovisual industry professionals.

The Nantes workshop will select 6 or 7 projects under development coming from all countries of the following continents : Africa, Asia, Central and South America.

Guillaume Mainguet, who is heading this program, will attending the Durban FilmMart 21 - 26 July.

The entry deadline is August 23, 2011.
The selected projects will be announced September 27, 2011.

All details

for regulations : HERE
for applications : HERE

New CFC Staff

Please click the image to view the details.

21 June 2011

Dawn of a New Day Premieres at DIFF

The Dawn of a New Day

The Dawn of a New Day deals with access to health care issues through the eyes of 3 West Africans in need of specialized surgery. Meanwhile one South African plastic surgeon is searching for meaning as he leaves his successful private practice to volunteer on a hospitable ship, “ but at the risk of losing the woman he has always loved.

Hyacinthe is a 10 year-old boy growing up in rural West Africa. When he was a baby he fell into hot ash and the skin grew back, pulling the leg into a permanent folded position. He hasn't seen his mother for 3 years.

The hospital ship is sailing to Hyacinthe's country, Benin, where free surgeries will be performed on board to the poor for no charge. However, Tertius can only see his wife 3 months a year, which may be too high a price that she is willing to pay.

Meanwhile, Hyacinthe is temporarily reunited with his mother who must be his caregiver on the hospital ship. Can he convince her to not leave him once his leg heals?

iKasi Lamakasi

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Kenya International Film Festival

Theme - Leadership: Next Generation


Student Films – 30th June 2011
Short Films – 30th June 2011
Long Feature Films – 30th June 2011
Documentary Films – 30th June 2011
Animation/ Experimental – 30th June 2011

Student Films – 30th July 2011
Short Films – 30th July 2011
Long Feature Films – 30th July 2011
Documentary Films – 30th July 2011
Animation/ Experimental – 30th July 2011

Note: The DVDs MUST include a bio of the Director and a poster of the film or any promotional material.
All films MUST be handed in DVD or 35MM before the Deadline no films will be accepted after the deadline.
Films can be dropped at the KIFF office at College House, room 36 on Koinange Street or KFC offices at Jumuia Place Lenana Rd. Opposite Spinal Injury.

You can also post your Films to us through P.O BOX 76417-00508 Nairobi.

Contact Noel with any queries on or +254 723 718 953

Jeevika Asia Livelihood Documentary Festival

Please click the image to view the details or visit the web site.

20 June 2011

Otelo Burning by Sara Blecher

DFA member, Sara Blecher's Otelo Burning will open the Durban International Film Festival in the third week of July 2011.

Somewhere between City of God and Blue Crush OteloBurning is a coming of age story set against the backdrop of Nelson Mandela’s release from prison. It's an emotional story of kids in the township learning to surf. It's a story of the explosive potential for change at the time of apartheid's end - all seen through a child's eye.
For more info read the article in The Tonight.

CineTrain Call for Entries

Cinetrain: Russian Winter is a unique documentary filmmaking experience that will
take place in February 2012, in Russia, on a trip from Murmansk to Irkutsk by train.


HOW TO APPLY? Our online application form, the full participation conditions and a
complete description of the project are available on our site:

Early Birds – 15/08/2011: 10€ fee
Later – 15/09/2011: 20€ fee

After the two first successful editions of the Cinetrain, exploring the border between Europe
and Asia, From Moscow to Vladivostok (“Cinetrain: Where does Europe end?” Official selection,
Semaine de la critique, Cannes 2009) and after exploring the Ex-USSR, (“Cinetrain: Bishkek-Moscow” Official selection, Moscow international Film Festival 2010) this edition of the cinetrain will bring an international crew of young cinema professionals along the transiberian railway, where they will face a new challenge: the Russian Winter! Put your “Shapka” on, and get on board!

We intend to bring up to date a unique working method, invented by a Soviet documentary filmmaker in the 1930's. Film crews, under the guidance of Aleksandr Medvedkin, used to travel through the Soviet Union in specially equipped wagons. Although they were filming the achievments of the regime, the underlying goal was to give the power of speech to people who didn't normally have the opportunity to get their voices heard. They were shooting and, straight away, edited and screened their movies on the spot to the people that took part in the movies.

To resurrect the enthusiastic feeling of such an adventure, we launch a call for participants from all over the world among young cinema professionals. They will be carefully selected , set up in teams and thrown up on the road, to shoot and edit short documentary novels on a given theme!
Short time to meet your co-workers, hard working conditions, critical deadlines, unknown
places... We believe that challenges stimulate creativity!

In a world where putting up a film together from writing to shooting and editing can take years, we offer a complete different and more instinctive approach: documentary filmmaking on the move from city to city, editing on the way, the movies having to be screened upon arrival to the final destination. The result of the project being a full-length documentary composed of several novels different in form and approach and united by the same enthusiasm of being part of a unique experience.

If you don't fear cold, and like extreme experiences, consider applying to this life changing adventure!

Contact: Guillaume Protsenko