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19 July 2011

King Naki at DIFF

Set in rural South Africa, KING NAKI is the story of an unconventional horse race and a humble man risking his livelihood to win it.

Mr. King Naki once rode the greatest racehorse in the whole of his region. He was raised to follow in his father’s footsteps, working as a stable hand in the city. But he had bigger plans. He quit the stable, spending all his savings on a horse. His fellow-villagers thought he was crazy to blow his money on a horse. He named the horse “Thula Sibone” – Wait and See. KING NAKI tells the story of a man’s obstinate persistence in the face of failure – pursuing a dream of wealth and victory to escape the treadmill of poverty.


24 July @ 16:00 – STER KINEKOR, MUSGRAVE B

Director: Tim Wege
Produced by: Plexus Films
Duration: 80 Minutes
Language: Xhosa, Afrikaans, English with English subtitles

Imam and I at DIFF

Imam and I
At the 32nd Durban International Film Festival 2011
Imam and I is the debut feature length documentary by independent South African filmmaker
Khalid Shamis and will be screening at this year’s DIFF in Durban.

Imam and I is a fascinating and detailed personal journey through the life, death and legacy of
little known apartheid struggle hero Imam Abdullah Haron. The film is an intricate blend of
archive, animation and live action interwoven with recollections and stories of those closest to
the Imam.

Khalid, the filmmaker who is also the Imam’s grandson, paints a portrait of the Imam as a family
figure through all the myth that surrounded his death and legacy.

Imam Abdullah Haron was one of the only voices from the Muslim community of Cape Town to
stand up against the injustices of Apartheid during the 50s and 60s. For this he was incarcerated
and killed in detention in Cape Town on September the 27th, 1969.

The filmmaker explores questions of identity, memory, betrayal and sacrifice as well as the role
of the Islamic community of the Cape during apartheid’s ‘dark days’.

Imam and I intimately reveals the traumatic effects the Imam’s family suffered after his demise.
It is a brave attempt of the filmmaker to understand himself, whilst laying testament to a past
that, for a long while, had remained forgotten.

Imam and I was voted best film overall and won the audience award at this year's Encounters
film festival in South Africa.

“The film casts a magical spell on you by pulling you deeper and deeper into the world of the
Imam and his family, into the inside of a unique closely knit black community which very little has been written about never mind filmed, a remarkable feat which bears testimony to the
determination of the filmmaker, whom has spent the last six years on this project.” Rehad Desai – filmmaker

The DIFF screenings are:
Saturday 23rd July, 2pm at the NuMetro Cinecentre Suncoast - Filmmaker in attendance.
Thursday 28th July, 5pm at the Royal Hotel.

Tickets can be purchased through DIFF:

Watch the trailer here:

Contact: Nawaal Deane - PR for tubafilms

For telephonic interviews: Khalid Shamis: +27 837000149

Two Days to Durban International Film Festival and FilmMart

18 July 2011


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This week, the Durban Film Office's acting CEO Toni Monty, announced
that leading British 3D film-industry player, Matthew Bristowe,
Head of Production for Prime Focus 3D in London, would attend the
2011 edition of Durban FilmMart as a key speaker.

"This is an extremely exciting time for the film-making industry
worldwide and to have somebody of the calibre of Matthew Bristowe
as one of our lead specialists is a massive coup for the DFM," Monty says.

Matthew Bristowe, together with the other lead specialists Juliane Schulze,
Peter Broderick and Hetty Naaijkens-Retel Helmrich, brings the very
latest in global film industry developments and trends to the
continent's premier film market.

Bristowe's visit has been made possible through the sponsorship of
Durban's COA Group and Microsoft, who together have sponsored the
Digital Focus stream of Durban FilmMart 2011. The Durban-based
COA Group, provides customised audio visual and digital production
pipeline solutions to the digital content creation markets.

Matthew Bristowe, one of London's foremost 3D Producers, began his
production career at MPC as a DI Producer where he worked on major
feature film projects including '28 Days Later', 'Shaun of the Dead',
'Troy' and '10,000BC'. His dedication and expert knowledge of issues
both creative and technical, led him to assume the role of Senior
DI Producer when MPC was taken over by Technicolor in 2009.

His essential input to feature films such as Danny Boyle's
'Slumdog Millionaire', Guy Ritchie's 'Sherlock Holmes' and Wes Anderson's
'Fantastic Mr Fox', reaffirmed his status in the industry. He has
recently led the London arm of Prime Focus 3D in the 2D to 3D conversion
of Lucasfilm's 'Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace', which was
completed across Prime Focus' global facilities in LA, London and Mumbai.

Prime Focus, through its worldwide facilities, is able to maximise
time zone efficiencies by operating as a 24 hour a day production
facility, enabling leading film studios to meet film deadlines without
compromising on quality.

Bristowe established and lead the Prime Focus 3D London facility
just over 12 months ago, and now with a team of 100+ fully-trained
personnel, is competing for some of the largest stereo projects hitting
the cinemas. Significant projects being completed over the last year
include 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two', 'Star Wars:
Episode 1 - The Phantom Menace', 'Green Lantern', 'Transformers:
Dark Side of the Moon', 'Shrek', and 'The Chronicles of Narnia:
Voyage of the Dawn Treader'.

Bristowe's presentations at Durban FilmMart 2011 will cover the
Prime Focus journey from its 3D VFX work on 'Avatar' through to the
successful delivery of the final instalment of the 'Harry Potter'
franchise. He will also cover the building and development of the
London studio, and the putting in place of a Global Pipeline and
Infrastructure in order to meet demand. There will also be an
overview of 3D as whole, covering broadcast, commercials, and live
events…………and everything in between!

PAUL BRETT - Prescience

Paul is a director of Prescience and has worked in the media since
leaving university 28 years ago. He has worked at Video Arts,
the world's first audio/visual training company), Catalyst,
(the world's first audio-visual publishing company backed by Goldcrest),
TEN – The Movie Channel (Britain's first PAY TV company), Video
Collection International, (the world's first sell-through label),
Paramount Pictures, Universal Studios, and Pathé.

Paul developed and implemented the UK exhibition and distribution
strategy over a three year period at the British Film Institute/UK
Film Council, leaving to found Prescience with Tim Smith. At the BFI/UKFC,
Paul was responsible for BFI's relationships with exhibitors throughout
the UK and Northern Ireland, including both arthouse and commercial cinemas.

Prior to this, he worked for Miramax International as Vice President
of European Marketing, as well as Path/Guild, VCI and CIC (a joint
venture between Paramount and Universal).


Born in Genova, she graduated in Philosophy and completed the first
year of Master in Aesthetics at the University of Pennsylvania. After
returning to Italy, she became Head of the Press and Communication
Office for the Orchestra Sinfonica Nazionale della RAI, where she
was also in charge of the Educational Department.

During this time she founded Scuola Holden in Torino together with
Alessandro Baricco. She is Director of Scuola Holden's Master in
Narration Techniques, and she supervises all the school activities,
focusing on the international contacts. In the last ten years she
has written articles and interviews on narration and classical
music, book reviews and film reviews for Italian and international
newspapers. She has ideated and directed Script&Pitch Workshops
since 2005 and TorinoFilmLab since 2008

BRUNI BURRES - The Sundance Documentary Program

Bruni Burres is a New York based film producer and consultant whose
work focuses primarily on documentary projects exploring contemporary
human rights themes. She is a senior consultant with the Sundance
Documentary Program (SDP). At the SDP she works to expand the roster
of national and international documentary filmmakers working with
the program; deepen national and international collaborations with
filmmakers and cultural institutions, and broaden the human rights
themes currently explored by the SDP.

Bruni is also a consultant with the Open Society Foundation's US
National Security and Human Rights Campaign, guiding them on incorporating
arts and cultural initiatives into their work. In collaboration with
the International Center for Transitional Justice (,
Bruni recently produced the feature length documentary, La Toma/The Siege,
which explores the lasting cultural and political impact of the 1985
siege of the Palace of Justice in Colombia ( Bruni
was the co-founder and director of the Human Rights Watch International
Film Festival ( from 1991-2008.

Durban FilmMart (22-25 July) is a joint venture between the Durban
Film Office (DFO)and the Durban International Film Festival (DIFF)
(21-31 July) created to raise the visibility of projects from the
African continent and to facilitate financing and networking opportunities
with potential co-producers and other industry players.

18 July 2011

Captor and Captive Premieres on 24 July 2011

An emotional story of two enemy soldiers who meet 30 years after an event that changed both of their lives

Watch the trailer here.

CAPTOR AND CAPTIVE - The story of Danger Ashipala and Johan van der Mescht
Duration: 52-minutes
Genre: Documentary
Year of Production: 2010
Country of Production: South Africa, Namibia
Language: English, Afrikaans, Oshivambo [Subtitled in English]

Johan van der Mescht, a South African Army conscript was stationed on the border of Namibia when he was captured in 1978. He was held as a Prisoner of War in Sao Paulo Prison, Angola for four and a half years before being exchanged for a Russian spy, Aleksei Koslov, at Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin in 1982. Danger Ashipala was a young idealist when he joined the South West Africa People’s Organisation (SWAPO) military wing, to help liberate his country from colonial oppression. He was responsible for Van der Mescht’s capture. The film chronicles the first meeting between Van der Mescht and Ashipala in 2009, and explores their respective experiences. CAPTOR AND CAPTIVE is both the story of a man whose capture has taken him to hell and back and of his captor who kept him alive during the attack. Ultimately it is a story of forgiveness and redemption.

General notes
After a fact finding mission to Namibia in 2009, Danger Ashipala, who was Van der Mescht’s SWAPO captor was located. When Van der Mescht and his family returned to Namibia in December 2009 for the meeting with his captor and the filming thereof, he received a hero’s welcome. Ironically in his own country he is still regarded as a traitor who walked over to join the enemy. At its centre the story contains the universal themes of war, love, pain, betrayal and forgiveness and will appeal to a wide audience from age group 15 years to adults of all ages. The film bears testament to the reconciliation between veteran soldier enemies.

Status of distribution, sales and screenings
South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) licensed the film.
Worldwide premier: 24 July 2011, SABC 2, 21h00

Screening at The Bioscope Independent Cinema, Johannesburg,
20 August 2011, 19h30,

Full Circle Productions owns copyright and financed the film with capital investment, sweat equity, pro-bono work from the cinematographer and post production services and post production funding support from the National Film and Video Foundation (NFVF).

Contact details

Contact person: Rina Jooste
Full Circle Productions
Postnet Suite #225, Private Bag X9
Melville, Johannesburg, 2109
Tel: +27 11 440-6853
Cell: +27 83 629 0622
Fax: 086 518 3768
Skype: rina_jooste

SASFED Suppports BEMAWU Trade Union Against the SABC

Press Release: Immediate Release


The South African Screen Federation (SASFED) has thrown its considerable support behind the stance of the Broadcast Electronic Media and Allied Workers’ Union as they fight the implementation by the SABC of its restructuring plans.

SASFED, which represents thousands of people from nine industry organisations in the independent television and film industry believes – like BEMAWU – that the SABC has consulted neither the independent industry, nor the unions, with regard to its new operating model and “turnaround initiatives”.

BEMAWU has given written notice of its intention to bring an urgent application in the Labour Court to reverse the SABC’s planned “turnaround”, and will seek a court order compelling the SABC to consult “properly” with the union. The union said it had taken the action because SABC had “failed to acknowledge receipt of our previous correspondence”, despite repeated requests.

SASFED Vice Chair Marc Schwinges said that SASFED, after canvassing their members, “unanimously supported” the BEMAWU initiative. Schwinges said that SASFED had also unsuccessfully attempted to engage the SABC with regard to their turnaround strategy earlier this year, but the SABC had reneged on their commitments.

“It’s very frustrating for us as both taxpayers and content providers to see the SABC continuing in their old ways,” Schwinges said. “We had thought that with a new board the SABC would attempt to engage with the industry at all levels to try and provide a workable solution to enable the SABC to meet it’s public broadcaster mandate. Many of our members have seen their companies to the wall, and many jobs have been lost in the independent industry due to the SABC’s short-sighted attitudes. This cannot continue.”

“Everyone is trying to help, we all want to see a viable broadcaster telling authentic South African stories, yet the SABC continues to destroy itself,” he said. “We hope that the BEMAWU actions will help bring the SABC to its senses.”


SASFED Vice Chair - Marc Schwinges

SASFED is The South African Screen Federation, representing the interest of most film and television industry organisations as a collective federation.

Full SASFED Member Organisations: DFA - The Documentary Filmmakers Association / IPO - The Independent Producers Organisation / OSCA SA - The Official South African Casting Association / PMA - The Personal Managers' Association / SAGA - South African Guild of Actors / SAGE - South African Guild of Editors / WGSA - Writers Guild of South Africa / WIFTSA - Women in Film and Television SA / WOS - Women of the Sun
SASFED is also formally affiliated to: FEPACI - Pan African Federation of Film – Makers / SOS: Supporting Public Broadcasting / TVIEC - Television Industry Emergency Coalition

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